Lots of people asked about the new designs for the covers of TMI in the UK/Australia/NZ/Ireland. Now, these covers aren’t going to replace the existing covers. The existing covers will still be sold. These will be sold also, either in the teen or adult section. They simply give an alternate look.

These are some of my favorite covers I’ve ever had. These are etchings done by artist Mila Fürstová. Within each shape, you can see careful details: Clary and Jace separated on City of Bones, together in City of Heavenly Fire, Alicante in the rose on City of Glass. 

Furstova also did the cover for Coldplay’s Ghost Stories, which I love!

These are delicate and ethereal and lovely — very different from other covers I’ve had. I love the range!

We can thank the folks @ Idris Brazil and Fangirlish who let us know about a post on Craigslist calling for cast submissions to fill the roles of Clary, Jace and Simon for the TMI TV Series which is to start filming May 2015 in Vancouver (City of Bones movie was filmed in Canada too - Toronto).

What do you think of the descriptions for Clary, Jace and Simon?

Newly titled ‘Shadowhunters,’ [producer] Carmody said the show would follow one book per season. “The first book would be the first year and then assuming that goes well, the second book, the third book, the fourth… there are six books. So that’s what we’re looking at.
THE TMI FANDOM: An Emotional Journey

so first we get this movie made after two years of delay right and the cast is announced and the first stills happen and the teaser trailer comes out and we’re all like

then we see the movie and overall we we’re like

so fast forward a year and a half later and a book fandom has some hollywood level material for gifsets and is doing pretty great

and then somebody is like “just fyi we are making a tv series bye” and we are all like

bc like we have endured the whole stressful process of casting and set photos and first stills and all that jazz before and hyped until we couldn’t hype anymore and man we aint wanna do it again

but then the network turns out to be ABC FAMILY 

and they’ve been a great platform for book to tv shows okay so just pretty little liars and suddenly its like


maybe this could be a positive thing

like maybe the books wont be left in the dust, maybe the cast and the network and the writing and the production will all come together into something that enhances the source material rather than pokes it with a stick

maybe there is hope for our incredible series to be brought to life in a quality setting, after all.

but seriously if yall screw this up then we gonna have a problem

Good news!

So Wednesday I made a proposal to the owners of my flat to pay the damage off in smaller instalments and just now I finally got an answer and they agreed! Of course the problem’s not solved with that but at least I managed to buy some time and with the incredible amount of financial support you guys have given me and what’s left of my own savings, I’ll be able to pay the first instalment. Thank you so much again. Not only for the financial aid but also for your moral support. The kindness you sent my way inspired me to keep fighting and the effort was well worth it. I wouldn’t have made it without you. Thank you so very much. I’m incredibly grateful. I will definitely think of something to get back to each and everyone of you. 

the tmi tv show probably
  • people:i dont care about the books
  • me:they dont care bout u
  • people:[some actor in the show] is bae
  • me:the character is more bae
  • people:i ship alec and clary
  • me:i ship u and that garbage can
  • people:the show is so much better than the books tbh
  • me:ur asking for me to inflict physical pain on u rn
  • people:this story is like my thing now
  • me:i did not sign a release form