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170628 00:00AM KST


코멘터리 라이브 시작 전
<본 보야지 2> 첫 회를 시청한 방탄소년단!
앞으로 남은 방탄소년단의 즐거운 하와이 여행✈️ 많이 기대해주세요!
본 보야지~ 본 보야지~ 본 보야지~ 봐야지👀💕


Before the start of Commentary Live
<Bon Voyage 2> BTS watched the first episode!
From now on please anticipate the rest of BTS’ enjoyable Hawaii trip✈️ 
Bon Voyage~ Bon Voyage ~ Bon Voyage ~ Gotta watch 👀💕

Trans by; Jungmin @ bts-channelplus


allybrookeofficial: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABE @laurenjauregui !! You are finally 21! Girl it feels like you’ve been 21 forever now 😂😝 I can’t believe I met you when you were 16. Goodness. My first memory with you is going up to you at Bootcamp and telling you that you looked like Megan Fox! And then it all started from there. One of my favorite memories ever was when we first were formed, you and I had creme brulee and banana bread pudding every single night. And just talked about life. It’s a memory I cherish. I am thankful for you and the many memories we have had together. Laughing, crying, pondering, and smiling at life. Making each other laugh till our faces turn red. You giving me that advice when I really needed it….you know what I’m talking about….I’ll never forget it ❤️ You’ll always be my Lolo! Smart, beautiful, artsy, funny, unapologetic - yep that’s my girl! Oh and now you’re Leo’s mom! Sweet Leo! 🐶Have the most amazing birthday 🎂 I love love love you 😘