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Fair warning: listen, there’s gonna be a Nourry reunion in my heart at iHeart and I don’t want any of you party poopers interrupting me with, like, reminders of ‘reality’ or ‘reason’ or ‘actual facts’ or any shit like that. Just let me have my little party and I’ll face up to reality when and if it’s required (after I’ve stopped ugly crying).

wickershire  asked:

“c’mon, i’ll make you some hot chocolate.” For narry???? 😍😍

always wolves for you kate <3 this got… long and also more nourry than strictly narry but i ain’t sorry

the first whimper is so quiet, louis almost ignores it. he tosses the rubbish into the bin and turns to go inside when he hears it again, louder this time and coming from underneath the dumpster.

“hello?” he says cautiously. “is someone there?”

there’s a curious scratching sound and then a little furry body wiggles out from where he’d been hiding. he’s dirty and scraggly, on the bigger side but still clearly not fully grown. louis crouches down on his haunches, makes himself less threatening as the pup cautiously moves towards him.

“there you go, love,” he breathes and the pup nudges his hand with his nose. “are you hungry?” he gets a lick in response and decides that’s a yes. “alright, i’m going to pick you up now.” another lick, so he scoops up the pup and cradles him close, not caring about the mud getting on his shirt.

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anonymous asked:

Please consider writing nourry fic 😍 that lil prompt was so cute i need moooore

if you insist, nonnie, feat. liam [part 1]

louis is halfway through putting on the sheet when the gravity of the situation hits him and he has to sit down for a minute. he’s got two teenage boys in his kitchen who can turn into puppies and were made to believe they weren’t human. god.

he pulls out his phone and rings liam. it’s what he generally does in times like these, when he doesn’t know what to do.

“tommo!” liam shouts and louis can’t help but smile a bit. “what’s happening?”

“got myself in a bit of trouble, payno,” he says honestly, clutching the phone to his ear like it’s a lifeline. liam’s quiet for a moment.

“how much is the bail?”

“what? no, that’s not– that’s not– uh. how much do you know about werewolves?”

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