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Niam - One Direction in Zurich, 16.05.13

My concert experience: Zurich 16/5/13 + extra pictures

 First off I’m SORRY it took me so long to write that but I had exams and no time to really seat and do this, and I wanted to do it with my sister :) so now we finally had time to do it so here it is !!! Hope you enjoy it despite it being late !! And well let’s say it’s in honor of the Swiss National Day that is on the 1st of August (lame excuse). So I made it categorized so you don’t have to deal with my rambling :)



 So we left my town around 8 in the morning we were 5 girls (me, my sis and three of her friends) and we had to drive like across the whole country to get there (3h30 approx… Feel free to laugh at how tiny Switzerland is) but we were pretty pumped (we sang pretty much all the One Direction songs). We almost didn’t sleep the night before due to the excitement and my sister had woken me up with the wake up song…

On our way we stopped at a gas station to get some candies (and coffeee) and stuff and my sis and I purchased a cow plushie for the boys. (We were slightly disgusted when we saw on tumblr posts about his “a cow goes moo” jokes cause he could have told it when he saw our cow plushie..)

We arrived in Zurich around 12h30 at the stadium and there was already like the biggest crowd out there.

people (and a girl giving me a deadly stare)

People started queing at 2 in the morning.. but we knew some people there at the stadium so we headed to a separated queue where there was only three girls. So we were happy and we seated down and began to wait… The stadium doors would open at 18h so it was a long afternoon of waiting ahead (trying not to use our phones to keep the battery etc.) but we were 5 girls so we took turns to go and have a walk etc.. But first I had to buy some clothes !!!! Believe it or not but I arrived in Zurich with no clothing. On the morning I had put my onesie on to drive cause I wanted to be comfy (especially at night) but I forgot taking other clothes with me except for my jeans… So yeah I bought a One Direction T-shirt there and some bracelets and stuff. Then we ate and my sis and I took a walk and my sister almost fainted when she saw the red tour buses because you know we saw them everyday on tumblr and now seeing them for real.. Then my sis just laid on the ground to see under the barrier things but there was nothing to be seen !! There were people like EVERYWHERE gathered at the entrances and around the stadium.

The buseeees and the place where my sister like planked on the floor

Around 15h they asked people that were in the “normal” queues to stand up because there was too much people. Happily our queue could remain seated because we were like 30 persons.. At 17h it started raining and we stood up because we had to get our muscles ready to run. The mood was pretty cool in our queue, I talked to a security guy (I tried to charm him so I could get in earlier) and he told me that some girls at the other entrance pulled up a fight and some didn’t get in because of that so they were pretty nervous. But around us the atmosphere was pretty calm and I had the chance to meet pretty cool girls so we sang during the rest of our wait. And my sister did a glorious demonstration of her Sassiness masteria. Let me tell you this girl could be a seizable opponent to Louis on a sass battle. There was a girl who arrived a 17h30 an tried to go ahead of us and my sister shooed her away it was beautiful. Anyway they FINALLY opened the doors and it was the biggest salvagery demonstration I had ever seen. The girl in front of me had a problem in her bag so basically I threw mine at the security guy and I got in the stadium and I was the 3rd person inside something like that. Then I ran like an insane person, like I was in the Hunger games pretty much, and I saw some tragedies around me (a girl let slip her camera on the floor and some other girl crushed it – people falling etc.) I finally arrived in the hall and got in front of the scene and there I began to cry my sister’s name (I was so scared that she just might have tripped in the stairs or got lost in the maze because the Hallenstadion is a maze) and my sister finally arrived and we started to cry like two slobs because we were front row !!!! There was a two meter gap between us and One Direction !!! We had to wait for 45 minutes now before Camryn and then 15-30 minutes before One Direction. Before that they passed Olly Murs, Little Mix (hello modest!) and some Grease songs yaay J



The concert:


So to set up the mood, the Zurich concert was the first time ever they had a standing area. And let me tell you something: things got pretty nasty. There already had been girls fighting during the afternoon outside so the security were pretty nervous. I think the boys weren’t really communicative because of that. Seriously I was in the pit and it was bad.  Just think that some girls were there since 3 in the morning and hadn’t eaten, slept or drunk during this entire time and stood for 3 hours under the sun and now were compressed into a pit where there are at least 3000 persons ? (I mean, we were 16’000 at the stadium and there’s around 11’500 seating places) The concert hadn’t even begun that people were fainting everywhere. It was so hot in there and we were so compressed I think I am lucky to be 21 and to be pretty tall because if I wasn’t I don’t think my sister and I would have survived. (I had my sister in my arms the whole concert so she wouldn’t trip or get pushed)

the crowd (Oh and my face ! hi !)

The boys kept telling us to stay calm and stop pushing, at a moment Harry came really near us and I think Louis or Liam told him to stop because girls were getting too crazy. At some point one of my friends fainted and got out of the pit and they took her to a room where basically girls were laying on the floor, some having panic attacks and epilepsy. Some even told me that there were stretchers around the pit carrying girls. So I think that the boys were pretty scared of that (like imagine especially when they stood on the platform..) as I said they kept telling us to push back and even at some point Liam said that they would stop the concert because it was so bad…

Also about management being controlling: Yes yes and Yes. We saw Pablo (the guy who is in mosts of Elounor pics) he is a member of the management team and he was there you know.. checking if everything was okay. Also the security team (my sister recognized them from the pictures on tumblr) were so nice with us (the Hallenstadion ones were really angry mostly because of the panic I guess) and one even put on the Leprechaun hat my sister had on (also some rude girl threw it away and the guy went and handed it back to us, thank you sweetie)

Spotted you Pablo (hi Modest!)


Okay now that being said, the concert was BRILLIANT. To make it easier here are our thoughts about each guy individually :)


Louis: If you remember Louis was sick at the Zurich concert and in fact you could really see that he was a bit struggling. He kept going on the back to drink or coughing between his lines I was a bit sorry for him… BUT in compensation Harry was extra caring with him like always looking at him and following him on the stage like a puppy it was so cute especially when Live while we’re young began (my video x) Louis stayed a bit behind to drink or something and then Harry made him appear awww. But he still seemed to have a good time, he’s not very exuberant but he smiles a lot He didn’t come very often on our side of the stage but when he did at first he looked a bit pertubated by the crowd but then he made stupid faces to us.

he’s such a cutie patootie <3


Harry: Harry is basically the cutest dork ever. He came very often on our side of the stage. He dances all the time, does stupid stuff like throwing water at us, throwing candies, gathering plushies etc.. Basically he just seems to have the time of his life on stage J  He said “swiss you” instead of kiss you and the worst was when he stole Josh drumsticks, put one in his mouth and did a stupid grin (that his bandmates ignored, aw) and then threw the drumsticks in front of the pit causing a moment of pure madness. He just seems so nice and genuine with everyone. (Yes I’m a Harry girl)


Liam: Seriously. He is the cutest puppy in the world. So basically my sis was having a major breakdown (she was being pushed allover and she was feeling bad like she felt she was going to faint and she was scared…) and I was holding her in my arms and THIS GUY just came like towards us and made me a thumb up sign – asking if my sis was okay (Well in fact it made it worse because my sister started to cry because we had an interaction with Liam) and I nodded back. But oh god he’s such a nice caring person.  I really don’t understand why fans insult him because he’s so devoted. He also took a fan’s phone during “Live while we’re young”.


Zayn: He’s very – as I expected – quiet. I mean he sings etc he smiles a lot and communicates with the public but he doesn’t talk very much. He just seems really sweet. And I don’t wanna add to the copious amount of persons saying that but God he is so skinny. I mean he’s the skinniest of all boys. Maybe is it because he was dressed in black for the whole concert so it exagerated that ? I don’t know. But he for sure is one of the most beautiful human beings on earth. (HE WINKED AT ME and I almost fainted) I think also that he’s the one who shows the most how close they are with each other and how much they love one another. Also he seems to enjoy himself so much, you can feel that he just loves singing. Oh ! And he cried during Little things (but it was on the other stage so I didn’t get to see – just on the screens)


 Niall: Niall was frankly the one who interacted the less with the public. He kept staring in the cameras and not really looking at us. Again I think that maybe he was instructed to do so for the movie (they filmed him a lot) and also because he was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd. But during his speeches he was again very cheeky and friendly, it was only when they were singing that he didn’t interact, but then it’s my personal thoughts you know. But in a more general manner he really seems to have fun ! Oh yeah and he splashed us with water 



2 OTPs together :) 

Okay. So I’m telling you right away: I’m not a Ziam shipper and that’s another topic. BUT I have to admit there was a bit of Ziam at that concert :) during rock me they basically sang to each other and Liam did some explicit gestures at Zayn and also during teenage dirtbag (ask me the videos if you want I’ll tell you the exact moments) and basically yeah they were pretty close. Now with my OTP: yes there were Larry moments in Zurich !!! Well first off, Louis had a cold and a sore throat (Harry?) and Harry was very caring to him, checking on him etc. He made him appear (during live while we’re young). People said he said “All Lou little things” during Little Things (meh.. I don’t know about that…) but yes whisper and stuff that we are used to now !!!

In conclusion, this night was one of the best nights of my life (no pun intended). It was an amazing experience to see them and I’m just waiting for them to come back. If I had a complain it was the pit, seriously I think everyone’s experience would have been better if we were seated (but again, being in the pit is what made me be so close to them so..) and it would have been a lot safer. I really loved them before but seeing them just made me love them even more :)

Please if you take any picture from this post credit me, you would be a very nice person and I would love you :)

The end !!!

pps: My sissie wants to add that I made her look like a psycho, no she’s a really really nice person :) 

my sister (the sass master) is not amused by our surroundings and I’m just goofy (see my wonderful t shirt and my sister’s plaid shirt)