tmht zurich

One of my favorite moments at the concert so let me explain what happened…

It was during “Kiss you” and basically you see Zayn singing then Liam and Louis dancing while on the right Harry is being… his usual self (?) with the drum sticks he stole from Josh a few moments ago, then he puts it in his mouth (and his really proud about it) and then throws them and basically he threw them in front of my sister and I so I stopped filming because everyone was pushing us and my sister almost fell off the security barrier so I freaked out :/

GAAH I just came back from the concert ill put up the vids and pics tomorrow but to tease you just a sneak peak:

- Louis and Harry in all their splendor

- Louis is really sick he didn’t stop coughing for a second (which leads me to being angry at management etc.)

- Zayn crying during a song (can’t remember which one I’m still buzzing with excitement)

- Niall’s nipples

- twitter questions including: yodel, work out on eye of the tiger and Irish dance

- Harry putting drum sticks in his mouth and throwing it like right in front of my sis

- Harry worrying at us (ill explain but basically it was the first show with standing places and it was a HUGE mess)

I can die now.