also i am reading all of your messages and i appreciate them so much! i will reply to them individually but just as a general response to them, please try and keep going, i know me saying ‘chin up’ isnt going to make it much easier but i’m gonna make a video that i hope will help all of you and it might take some time but i’m gonna be able to do that from the perspective of someone whos been through it/is going through it. to those of you who are recovering/better, i am so happy for you, and to those of you who arent there yet, you will be eventually. honestly. my askbox is still there for you to vent anything and everything, mental health related or not

stir-frydays asked:

"Its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size if the fight in the dog"- that quote got me through so much. I have i hanging on my wall. Whenever i feel as if everything is hopeless, it reminds me that im just as capable as anyone else to achieve what i want in life. I know its sort of irrelevant to everything, but it really has inspired me. I cant wait to get it tattooed on me

It’s not irrelevant at all! That’s a really lovely quote, I love it :) I always used to have ‘this too shall pass’ written in the front of my school journal, and I liked the one about how we have nothing to fear but fear itself… I was never a really big quote person but I love the ones that just stand out like that!