Chapter Five of Teach Me How to Behave

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Eren pressed his lips together in a fine line and lowered his voice so that only Levi could hear him. “Come by here after school is over,” he pressured as his golden eyes searched his. “We need to talk.”

Levi broke out in a playful smirk and darted his eyes down to linger over the plump shape of Eren’s pink flushed lips.

“Sure thing, Eren.” He whispered back, his voice dripping with illegal tendencies.

Oh, fuck me sideways.

*End of excerpt*

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Chapter Three of Teach Me How to Behave

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Ah, chapter four is going to be a blast to start writing!

A Sneek Peek into the beginning of the fourth chapter: He bit his lip. He could either tend to his rather large problem or call Jean like he told himself he would before he set off to bed. In all honesty, it actually came down to if he wanted to fuck the shit out of his hand with the thought of Levi’s full lips wrapped securely around his dick or talk about his granted job as a drama teacher with horseface. It was a hard decision really, but after some internal warfare, he decided that taming his hungry manhood was the most important task at the moment. *END OF EXCERPT* Boy was this a REALLY long chapter. I had originally planned on splitting this up into two chapters, but since I missed out on last week’s update, I thought I owed you guys a little something more in return for my absence. I HOPE YOU LITTLE SHITS LOVE IT

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Sneak Peek into Ch. 3 of TMHB


“I could teach you, Levi.” He purred. “Be my good little student.”

Levi arched his brow. He wouldn’t deny that the sudden change of conversation thrilled him, but he wasn’t going to let a comment about his height go by without punishment.

“You’re going to regret calling me little, Hunter.” Levi drawled, his hand yanking at the strands of hair twisted in his grasp. To hell with the amusement flickering across those sun filled eyes, he was going to show him just how much he wasn’t going to be his ‘good little student’.

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