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Hey, when you get around to it... TSF with Blaine calming a reader through an anxiety attack? That's definitely something I need in my life <3

Your chest is tight, your mouth is dry and you can’t stop shaking beneath the desk you’ve ended up hiding under so that nobody will spot you.

Your fingernails drag across the skin of your forearm as you gasp for air, tears forming in your eyes when you hear Blaine call out your name before he looks down and spots you, immediately climbing next to you and taking your hands in his.

“Alright, we’re gonna go in for four, hold for four, out for eight, okay?” he asks, looking into your eyes and breathing deeply to guide you, and as you finally gain enough control to mimic him, he squeezes your hands and smiles proudly, “That’s it, you’re doing it, that’s great!”

A Final Klaine Medley
  • A Final Klaine Medley
  • Evie Rose Lane
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A final Kurt and Blaine medley, in honor of Glee’s conclusion.  

This show has given me so much and has given me the ability and courage to do.. well. Things like this. I owe it the world and beyond. This is for everyone who made it so special. 

Special thanks to Andrea, whose companion art to this improved the world by 1000%.

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