tmh: america


America x Australia

Hot breath on sweatyskin.

Eager hands fumbling with buttons in the darkness of a closet.

Alfred F. Jones lived for these moments. Heart pounding and blood roaring in his ears, he let out a quiet moan as Jett’s calloused fingers slipped beneath his white button-up shirt. His lips, bruised from previous aggressive kisses from the handsome Australian, sucked and teased the man’s neck.

Their relationship drew mutterings from other countries, with Arthur Kirkland being the most opposed. With hours between their countries and the struggles they both faced, times like these were few and far between. With their shirts removed, hands ghosted over muscled shoulders and exposed hips. Alfred sighed contently as Jett nibbled on his earlobe, unshaven cheeks brushing against his face.  

The loud beeping of a received text messages interrupted their dalliances.
“I’m sorry mate, Abbott wants to talk to me. I’ll meet you at the pub tonight.”
And like that, Alfred was left alone in the dark closet with crooked glasses and uncomfortably tight pants.

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Happening #1: Favourite food for Kazu (hamburger), Masaki (Chinese), Jun (Crab Cream Croquette) and Satoshi (Fried Oysters) Why no mention of Sho’s favourite?

Happening #2: Narrator: “Riida wants friends.  He seems to only have Nino in terms of friends.”

Happening #3: Members express surprise that they never knew Satoshi liked fried oysters.  Kazu looks puzzled too until it is mentioned that Satoshi started enjoying them about 10 years ago, and he recalls that Riida kept eating them continuously.  “So Nino really is his friend.” (cue Ohmiya laughter)

Arashi ni Shiyagare Juntoshi America SP 28.2.2015

anonymous asked:

I see someone request Great Lakes region wand cores. Could you maybe expand more on society there and if there are any wizarding schools? Maybe combining some of the other asks with it. Whatever you see fit? Thanks, You rock :)

Well I’m a Brit, and while I’ve been to Ithaca in upstate NY, and seen the Finger Lakes (my parents lived there a while after I was born and wanted to go back and visit), I really don’t know enough of the area to talk about society there. I mean I know that while the towns and cities are pretty closely inhabited there’s also loads of houses stretched out apart on the roads between places, and that a lot of these have horses, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there are magical hamlets, not even rendered Unplottable, just small settlements which look a little ye-olde style, and which are largely populated by wixes and winged horses.

Schools wise I think americanwizarding has headcanons on seven predominant magical schools in America, and there’s probably multiple in Canada (I’m inclined to say one big one, and two not-so-large ones, though something similar with five schools, two big main ones, and three not-so-large-ones wouldn’t surprise me much either). However I do think that most magical nations also have small local magical schools, for those students who don’t want to go the main school that their country goes to for education, and I’m really liking the idea of some bonkers wix who went “I SHALL BUILD MY HOME AT THE BOTTOM OF LAKE SUPERIOR AND BE THE MOST SUPERIOR WIX” and then eventually died and bequeathed their house to the state to become the premier school of water magic in the area.

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