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hey, this is related to the gif of management signaling to harry onstage separating him and louis or something back then. what happened to louis? is there a video or something? i wasnt in the fandom when it happened xxx

It was during TMH concert in Herning, Denmark on 5 May 2013. During Twitter questions (remember when they were a thing?)  Harry and Louis had to compete against each other about who can hold their breath the longest. Harry won. Louis pretended to be very upset that he lost. Harry wanted to come up to Louis but he wasn´t sure whether or not he was allowed, so he looked into the audience where one of their management members was seating, and that man gestured to Harry granting him permission to shake Louis´ hand, which Harry did.

This was fucked up on so many levels. A few months later H&L were forbidden to touch under any circumstances and were not chosen to compete against each other any longer.

Twitter questions were canceled in May 2014 after Louis said on stage (in reply to Liam´s question) that Harry tasted like salt and vinegar. They were brought back for 2 concerts in Milan in June 2014 (for WWA movie), never to be seen again.

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to add to what you said, in a m&g situation they CAN say no. thats why this was such a big deal. during tmh so many fans were told no to certain m&g poses because harry and louis werent even allowed to stand near each other but they are actually allowed to stand next to each other and hold each other's hands. they or anyone else 100% could have said no, there was nobody forcing them to do anything.

EXACTLY. during the TMH era there was a fan who wanted them all to hug the person next to them, but Harry and Louis would have had to INTERACT, so it was shot down. this is beautiful progression. if they weren’t able to/were uncomfortable holding hands with their BANDMATE/FRIEND they could have politely declined and moved on

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i dont know if im exaggerating but i just saw a tmh meet and greet photo next to the hand holding one and it just really hit me? like SO much progress has been made its? if i were to time travel from 2013 to this day and only see that photo and have no other information, i'd probably think they're out of the closet

We have come so far!!!!!

What makes me so frustrated are people that’s insist nothing’s changed. SO MUCH has changed even from when I joined the fandom in June 2014. Let me tell you, in wwa Europe there was NOTHING like this. Not even a sliver. Then we got an adjustment for wwa NA and now look where we are for otra. They’re talking on stage. They’re holding hands and touching in m&gs.

You can’t undo the iron closet overnight. It’s been so long you have to undo it slowly and carefully and so deliberately.

Also think it makes sense we’re seeing the majority of it in m&g scenarios. Most controlled environment.

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Lol ok preach all ya want but that doesn't deny the fact that the girl forced them to hold hands haha see they were in a controlled environment and it was a meet and greet so they obviously couldn't say no to the pose ur so stupid

i’m guessing you weren’t here for tmh? anyways, during one of those meet and greets there was a fan that wanted harry and louis to pose as if they were slow dancing; it was harmless but their handler refused it and made the fan choose another pose instead. however, when a different fan wanted the same pose done but with harry and niall, there was no argument against it :^/

so, again, both the boys and their team are able to refuse a pose that they don’t want and the fact that this pose wasn’t refused by their handlers is huge in my opinion. besides, if harry and louis were REALLY so stubborn against it they could have easily done something else like throw a peace sign/thumbs up instead :^)

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I've been a fan since the beginning .. I went to the UAN & TMHT so for me the interactions were normal.. When they went away.. Ugh.. That just broke my heart be I was one of those fans who got to witness that live & fond over it even with "het" fans at the time.. But even I cried seeing them hold hands last night .. Idk why but I choked up.. & my gf was looking over my shoulder and just said "it's about that time!" & I realized.. It is..! Cuz love wins & conquers all!

You’ve been a fan since the start and you are still here? Wow.

I’ve been here since TMH and I remember the slow and gradual process of shutting down H&L public interaction, step by step. It’s no surprise  that the fandom is overreacting whenever we get to see small moments between the two of them these days because everyone has been deprived of this for years.

I hope that they are working towards rebuilding stage interaction between Harry and all of the boys (including Louis).