London here I come

So! It’s settled! I’ll be making it to the first London show 24th September (only three weeks to gooooooooooooooooo!) but I will probably miss both the meetup on Sept24th and the one on Sept 25th as it’s going to be a blitz visit due to work & family commitments

Therefore: anyone wanting to meet up - message me & we’ll try and sort a time for drinks close to O2 after the show and/or a breakfast/brunch/lunch the next morning - anywhere in London.

I arrive in London around 6pm & leave there at 2pm next day. Looking forward to meeting some/all of you! 

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Financial Updates from TMHFN/RD

Follow up on Charity Drive 2015

This year’s charity drive (more info here) made a total of $1036,46, which we sent off to Rainbow International LGBT Activist Solidarity Fund (more info here) together with some extra rainbow crafts made and donated by our volunteers (pictured above). We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the drive–donating, buying merch, spreading the word and organising–and share this lovely message we got back from the Rainbow International Fund (who seem to have become quite big fans of One Direction, as well as continuing to do great work for LGBTQ+ people).

Dear Takemehomefromnarnia/Rainbow Direction,

Thank you so much for your wonderful support for Rainbow International. We received your donation safely via PayPal.
We are delighted to hear the news this week that One Direction have topped the UK singles chart with their new single Drag Me Down.

Wishing you all very best wishes,
In solidarity,
Paul Penny
Chair of Trustees, Rainbow International Fund

Financial Report Jan 1 - Aug 15 2015

Finances for the first and second quarters (extended to include transactions up to Aug 15 to include payouts from our charity shops for Q2 and the final payout of charity drive donations) have been presented and approved internally. 

The full report is available in pdf on our webpage

New policy concerning revenue from charity shops

As TMHFN/RD keeps growing (increasing numbers of volunteers, participants and online traffic), we are facing increased costs, primarily for our technical platforms. Up until now, these costs have been covered by personal donations made specifically for this, and all other revenue (drives, shops, unmarked donations) have gone to charity. To be able to sustain ourselves as an organisation in the future, and continue with our work, we need to be able to cover these costs without depending on the generosity of a small number of individuals.

Because of this, our General Meeting has decided to change the TMHFN/RD policy on proceeds from charity shops and direct donations from:

  • All proceeds from charity shops will go to charity.
  • All direct donations marked for operations will go to cover vital costs.


  • The surplus of proceeds from charity shops and direct donations, after vital costs are covered, will go to charity. The final amount will be decided by the TMHFN/RD General Meeting yearly.

This does not impact any money raised during charity drives–100% of the raised amount during drives will continue to go to the selected charity.

Changes are effective from September 1, 2015. Any donations or orders made before this date will be handled according to the previous policy.

It is our intention and goal to minimize the amount needed for our costs and that as much as 80-85% of our income will continue to support LGBTQ+ charities around the world.

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support!

The TMHFN/RD team


this is literally my favourite thing on the internet


when you’re tmh af 

anonymous asked:

Thanks for answering the BBC question! I remember when DMD first came out and we were trying to get it to #1 that there were ways to do it! Do you think they'll drop another single since Niall and Liam teased a song in Detroit?! Thanks for doing 1DHQ's work! (And yup, still listening to DMD on Spotify!)

Just looking back at how they typically release with albums and singles: (with rounding and all that)


WMYB: Sept 11, 2011

Gotta Be You: Nov 11, 2011 (+8 weeks)

Album: Nov 18, 2011 (+1 week)

One Thing: Jan 6, 2012 (+7 weeks)

More Than This: May 25, 2012 (EP) (+20 weeks)


Live While We’re Young: Sept 28, 2012 (+18 weeks)

Album: Nov 9, 2012 (+6 weeks)

Little Things: Dec 3, 2012 (+3 weeks)

Kiss You: Jan 7, 2013 (+ 5 weeks)


BSE: July 22, 2013 (+28 weeks)

SOML: Oct 25, 2013 (+13 weeks)

Album: Nov 25, 2013 (+4 weeks)

MM: March 9, 2014 (+14 weeks)

Y&I: April 15, 2014 (+5 weeks)


Steal My Girl: Sept 29, 2014 (+23 weeks)

Night Changes: Nov 14, 2014 (+6 weeks)

Album: Nov 17, 2014 (+3 days)

DMD: July 31, 2015 (+36 weeks)

BSE was their earliest release at July 22, 2013, and they dropped the next single around 3 months after that. So, you’d expect something in October if they followed that pattern. But, it was only done once, so it’s a shaky precedent, especially given how differently things have been handled lately.

As you can see, FOUR is the only album that did not have two subsequent singles after the album release date. The time period between the album and the next single was the longest that it has ever been. They’ve also released their music differently than they have in the past. So, honestly, it’s really kind of hard to say what to expect from here on out.

Sometimes I see pictures of TMH Harry and OTRA Harry and it’s almost impossible for me to believe that they are the same person. 

How is this…

And this…

The same person…? Like look at the differences:

Hair length.

Arm size.

General broadness.

The only thing that can convince me that they are the same person is that smile and those dimples.

*credit to all the gif/picture owners!