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Louis doesn't know about ALL of the theories because we think he doesn't look for them. He just knows enough to be aware of the situation and be careful around Harry but if he doesn't like these rumors why would he search for it? There is no contradiction there. He saw on twitter some theories and it already bothered him so i really don't think he would go on the internet to learn more about it. And even if he knows some of them, we can't be sure that he knew this one.

I will give you that Harry and Louis may not be aware of ALL the rambling head cannons this fandom has. The ones I speak of are the ones that come without much proof, and are of no threat…like the one I thought of the other day about Louis possibly owning a bakery. I’ll I’ve got to go on is that Liam answered “you bought a bakery” when Louis was answering, and pointed at him—bakeries being a place we heavily associate with Harry; I digress.

With that being said I will disagree and say that Harry and Louis would be very much familiar with a fandom wide head cannon involving how the, once very close, best friends first met.

I am going to be using the very talented Kati, at bulletprooflarryTattoo Timeline and also tracedust Oops/Hi Post to address this next part.

The first time that we have the “Hi” tattoo was June 23rd of 2012. Around this time Eleanor was heavily present with Louis. Right after this tattoo the head cannon started, because someone matched Louis’ handwriting to the actual tattoo, and I am no expert, but they seem to match. 

Also on the TMH Yearbook Edition, Louis listed some of the inside jokes he has with Harry, one of them being “Hi!”.

So in your theory, Louis started distancing himself from Harry, blindly because of rumors that he hadn’t seen, so as not to appear as if he was gay.  In my opinion, that is a huge dick move and not at all congruent to who we’ve seen Louis to be—sorry can’t be friends with you because people will think I am in a gay relationship with you.

I’ll continue…

On October 15th, 2012 Louis gets his first set of tattoos, one of which is the Stick Man skateboarder. However, it isn’t until nearly a month later, Nov. 9th, that he adds on “Oops”. When asked, Louis said that he got it because his tattoo artist messed up a line in the stick figure, so he had him add “Oops” above it…. I wonder if this sounds like bullshit to you, it definitely does to me. He waited a whole month to point out a mistake!

And then we get this on the same TMH Yearbook Edition:

So in closing we complete this head cannon.

So I would at least think that if not directly aware of this head cannon (i.e them searching for it, or really at about this time just being present on the internet, because it was all over)  then their management company would’ve advised them, in regards as to the dangerous thought that the fandom arrived to over their tattoos, to step away from one another so that unwanted perception would stop. So they would still know as to why, wouldn’t they?

Or are we still going with Harry and Louis dissolving their friendship blindly?

So if he knows enough, what is enough? (This is one of the first head cannons to be presented, especially since they talked about it openly about them meeting in a bathroom)

He apparently knew a good amount, if you believe he personally sent out the bullshit tweet on September 16th (Oops hadn’t even come into existence yet) over conspiracy theories, but I won’t get into that today.

So where is the line drawn? Why wear a sweater that is heavily associated with a tattoo that we mach back up to Harry, to first meeting his best friend…is it so wrong?

And if you were to discount this, how do you discount everything else?

Zayn on Liam/Liam on Zayn - TMH Yearbook Edition
  • Zayn: Daddy Directioner, sensible, geeky! But funny! Obsessed with superheroes <b>just like me</b>! =)
  • Liam: If Zayn could sit down and do nothing all day he would. He’s very lazy but we love him for it…same as Harry when he’s hyper he’s crazy. One thing to know about Zayn is he’s got a <b>huge imagination</b>—wasshappenin!
  • "I know your face like the back of my hands." - <i>February Air</i>, Lights