tmh tour in america

5sos Tour Diaries
Finally made one page with all the past tour diaries!!

5SOS Adventures in America (TMH TOUR): June 11, 2013- August 10, 2013

5SOS Down Under Tour Diary (TMH Tour): September 23 2013- October 30, 2013

5SOS UK TOUR- Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester & Norwich (Feb 21, 2014- Feb 27, 2014)

5SOS UK Tour- OxFord, Birmingham, and London (Feb. 28, 2014- Mar 6, 2014)

5SOS European Tour- Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Milan (March 28, 2014- April 3, 2014)

5SOS European Tour- Madrid (April 4, 2014)

Stars, Stripes and Maple Syrup Tour- San Fran, LA, Dallas, Chicago (April 11, 2014- April 17, 2014)

Stars, Stripes, and Maple Syrup Tour- Michigan, Toronto, NY, PA (April 18, 2014- April 24, 2014)

Stars, Stripes, and Maple Syrup Tour- Connecticut (April 25, 2014),         There’s No Place Like Home Tour- Sydney (April 30, 2014)

There’s No Place Like Home Tour- Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth (May 2, 2014- May 8, 2014)

Where We Are Tour- UK, Europe, Canada, USA (May 23, 2014- October 5, 2014)

everyone’s like
“Guys they’re underage to drink in America!! Omg stOP saying they were drunk!!1!”
now, I can’t confirm if louis and niall really were drunk last night.
but let’s not forget louis is 21.
and underage drinking does exist in America.
yes, even for celebs.

#Louis be supplying dat booze