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All 16 videos and all gifsets compiled in one big post yay! Thank you so much to fondhalo for gif-ing these for me as we went. :)

  1. “Na Na Na” - Video - GIF set
  2. “Stand Up” - Video - GIF set
  3. “I Wish” - Video - GIF set
  4. “Medley: I’ve Got a Feeling, Stereo Hearts, Valerie & Torn” - Video - GIF set
  5. “Moments” - Video - GIF set
  6. “Gotta Be You” - Video - GIF set
  7. “More Than This” - Video - GIF set
  8. “Twitter Questions” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2 - GIF set 3
  9. “Up All Night” - Video - GIF set
  10. “Tell Me a Lie” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2
  11. “Everything About You” - Video - GIF set
  12. “Use Somebody” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2
  13. “One Thing” - Video - GIF set
  14. “Save You Tonight” - Video - GIF set
  15. “What Makes You Beautiful” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2
  16. “I Want” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2 - GIF set 3 - GIF set 4

hi hello so this is my concert experience

i got to the venue at like 6:30 and the lines looked soooo long but they moved really quickly and then we got in and we were going to get merch but we wanted to get to our seats so we had my friend’s mom buy it for us. so then we got to our seats and we were fucking SEVENTH ROW and we were so close! it was amazing and like in pictures it looks farther away than it looks in real life. so 5sos came on and they were so good like honestly they have major talent. luke has great stage presence and they’re all so lively and fun it’s amazing. then crew came on and set up the stage for the boys and then FINALLY the boys came on and it was amazing.

honestly i was surprised by my reaction like i expected to be sobbing and in shock and stuff but i was more excited than surprised. i felt like i already knew the boys so well like i wasn’t even that surprised that i was finally seeing them in real life. obviously i was happy and excited and last night was literally the best night of my life, honestly no joke. 

so i was seventh row and when the boys flew over us they were so!! close!! and i had made a mixtape for harry to throw on stage and i was going to throw it onto the platform then bc everybody was throwing stuff but there were like 3 security people next to me and i didn’t want to risk it. so then later on during the show the security guy next to me seemed to move away so i took my chance and threw it on stage. i put it in a cushioned shipping package and wrote “mixtape(s) for harry” on the front. it landed in the middle of the stage and then i saw zayn point at it and he told harry and then harry raised his eyebrows and then one of them grabbed it when they were going backstage for their costume change.

so that was like the main part of my story but lol all in all it was fucking amazing. they performed bse for the first time /ever/ and it sounded so good like holy shit. well everything sounded good like they are amazing live it was so worth it oh my god.

niall was so outgoing and bubbly and fun and like how you would expect him to be. louis was like niall and he was being his fun energetic self. together they’re like a frickin ball of sunshine and happiness and energy. liam was dancing for most of the night and hOLY FUCK THAT BOY HAS GOT MOVES LIKE FUCK FUCK FUCK HOYL FUCK. harry hasn’t really been himself (or at least what i think to be himself) lately. if you’ve been to the more recent shows like vancouver, seattle, etc. you’ll know what i’m talking about. normally he’s really smiley and happy and trying to charm the audience and telling stupid jokes and just being his cute stupid self, but lately he’s been like really serious and not outgoing and just doing what he has to. zayn was amazing, but you can tell he doesn’t really like the attention. he tries to stay in the background a bit, like he doesn’t put himself out there and he doesn’t make himself the center of attention.

all in all, the concert was amazing and i’m so glad i had the chance to go. i can honestly say that these past two days (especially meeting lashton on the day before the concert) have been the best of my life. i never thought a boyband would bring me so much happiness, but here we are.

so honestly, a huge thank you to the boys and 5sos and everybody who made this happen. it was an amazing experience.