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i haven't been to your blog since 2013 but I remember your url bc of your tmh m&g picture lmaoosjdj

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THE HL seeding

Since we have a lot of newcomers I wanted to make a list that shows you the big picture: What happened during the WWA tour compared to the events since Nov 14th/Nov 17th. It is hard to compare concerts to events and award shows that pile up during promo time, I understand, but at this time I am going to. I also did not want to bring the TMH tour in the picture, so let’s just focus on 2014.

 WWA (Apr 25th - Oct 5th) 163 days

  1. same frame only
  2. some songs sung next to each other: 1 song out of 23 (You and I)
  3. fonding: South America, then it got cut back, the US leg had some fonding moments again.
  4. serenade/singing to the other one
  5. picture next to each other: South Am, Nashville.
  6. OT5 concert selfie next to each other: NEVER
  7. sitting next to each other: Chile interview, NEVER on concerts (stairs or ramp, never next to each other)
  8. next to each other on the red carpet.
  9. touched publicly: 2 times in concerts (human pyramid, last show group hug which should not count it was so awkward), some M&G’s during SA, EU and US. BS do not count but here they are, Brazil selfies, South America BS picture, Italy BS, Houston BS video, Nashville BS picture).

NOW: (Nov 14th - Dec 20th): 37 days. I bolded the latest events. The bolded events cover 15 days. F-I-F-T-E-E-N.

  1. same frame only (Mirror article, Livestream, Kimmel)
  2. some songs sung next to each other (Livestream, Today show, Orlando, SNL)
  3. fonding (please don’t make me list all events where they fonded)
  4. serenade (Royal Variety, BBC Children in need, AMA’s, ARIA’s, Graham Norton)
  5. pictured next to each other (Band Aid, Orlando, AMA’s, ARIA’s, Rays of SunshineODE2, BBC Music Awards, Los premios principales, TXF finale, SNL)
  6. sitting next to each other (Graham NortonODE2, Los premios principales)
  7. next to each other on the red carpet. (BBC Music Awards, Los premios principales)
  8. all songs sung next to each other (Graham Norton, TXF finale)
  9. touched: (AMA’s, Graham NortonODE2, Los premios principales, TXF finale)

You can see the seeding keeps getting more and more intense.

Maybe this can show you a better big picture. Shows you why I am officially in team optimistic 2.0 and I believe that good things are coming, hell, not just good, great things are coming!!