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Ok but like frat boy Harry who has a crush on you and waits for you after class and invites you to the party that night and gets your number to make sure you go and waits for you at the door and hangs out with you all night and makes you play beer pong with him and he wins and makes you dance with him. When you dance he makes really stupid jokes in your ear that make you both crack up even though they’re not even funny at all and his arms are wrapped around your waist and his chest is against you back and you’re not even really dancing, just swaying to the music. And then you go outside to take a break and you’re both a bit sweaty but he still has is arm around you when you sit in the grass and look at the stars and listen to the thumping music. He’s a lot different than what people say and he’s respectful and nice and funny in his own way and he talks about things that’s he’s passionate about like why you shouldn’t go to seaworld and why you should eat organic and locally if you can with a sparkle in his eye. And you’d never imagine popular frat boy h to be like this but he’s nothing like the rumors say and after you leave he texts you Motivational posters and cats hanging off a tree saying ‘hang in there’ so when you wake up tomorrow it’ll be a bit better hahhhahahahah gtg

A Zayn Appreciation Post...

Because whenever one of the boys gets hurt or falls or anything else he perceives as bad, he’s there and it’s freaking adorable so let’s take a look

he didn’t even fall and he still checked on him

it was just a sneeze :(((((

way more subtle than a certain someone who happens to be present here

who’s that crying, it’s not me i swear

he literally ran over there wtf

Zayn helping Liam has a special place in this masterpost so here we go


he’s always there :(

always :((


why is he like this

I know I’ve definitely missed some great moments so feel free to add your own. The point is, Zayn is wonderful and loves his boys and that makes my heart warm :)

anonymous asked:

Hey, I really love your blog and all your master posts!! I was wondering if maybe you could do a masterpost of pictures of crowds from 1D shows? You know that show all the lights and how many people are there? I love those kinds of pictures

oh you want to show they started from here…

to here?

let’s show how amazing the crowds are: