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Just amuse me: if Z was still in the band, and they (H & L) had made the same thing ("mock" Z), how would everyone react? Like are they even being "salty" and "mean" at all?

In my opinion, no.   There’s no bad intention behind them laughing, so it’s not “salty” or “mean”.

  • Zayn and Louis shouted Liam down when he tried to explain why he has two working kidneys now.  
  • Niall and Louis pull out each other’s chest hairs.
  • They ask if someone swallowed a dictionary every time they use a four syllable or longer word.
  • Louis and Liam mocked Niall on Twitter when he fell over caddying and then tee-peed his car and posted it with “Oh no Niall”.
  • Zayn told Louis to never claim Gucci as his.
  • They used to mess with Liam’s curly hair to the point Zayn decided to jump in and bodily shield him at least once.
  • They hit each other in the crotch and twist each other’s nipples.
  • They use “replay” to force each other to repeat the last thing they said no matter what situation they’re in.
  • Liam has teased Harry about his long hair on several occasions.
  • Louis told Liam he forgot to pack his hair to bring on tour right after he’d shaved it.
  • Liam and Zayn were at odds and unhappy during the TMH Las Vegas concert, but Harry and Louis giggled the entire time they were scheming to help them make up.
  • Niall laughed his ass off when they showed Harry falling on Ellen recently.
  • They didn’t used to want to be the first one asleep because they were afraid they’d wake up with dicks drawn on their faces.

1D mock and tease each other.  It’s what they do, plus a ginormous dose of fond.