I tried to draw Hasumi from Tokimeki Memorial GS3P but…his hair is so difficult. So fluffy, I really like his desing. And I really love this character, specially in the “queen” route. That low selfsteem under a layer of douchebagness is so…moe, cute, adfasd. His seiyuu is also great. I just learned he dubs Spongebob too. Accurate.

Well, at least this was “fast”.

Life is busy there’s a ton of new otome games to play just about backlogged since real life is taking over. I will use the weekend to unlock more CG’s/events. I really enjoyed the event where Konno taking you to the ramen joint, where his glasses steamed up. I have that problem as well whenever I eat ramen.

Can anyone figure out how to nab the new secret character Hasumi Tatsuya. I had him appear twice. After that, he never showed up again. I haven’t been able to get him to come around the second year which he appears. I know there has to be certain parameters to be met.