Chapter 8 

By: Oliviet   

Castle and Beckett both join the same dating website after incessant encouragement from their family and friends and start talking to each other without knowing it due to the anonymity of their profiles. Loosely based on “You’ve Got Mail.” My entry for the Rom Com Fic Challenge. Rated: Fiction  T - English - Romance/Humor -  Kate B., Rick C. - Chapters: 8   - Words: 18,342

Closing lines to TMG albums
  • Zopilote Machine:Into the fire you go.
  • Sweden:What you mean to me...
  • Nothing for Juice:When a pack of dogs went silently past us, we knew we'd been given fair warning, but that was the only thing we knew.
  • Full Force Galesburg:It's all coming apart again.
  • The Coroner's Gambit:Yeah, big plans in mind.
  • All Hail West Texas:And I will go to the house of a friend I know, and I will let myself forget, with a little water, and a little bit of sunlight, and a little bit of tender mercy, tender mercy.
  • Tallahassee:Yeah, sing for the damage we've done, and the worse things that we'll do; open your mouth up and sing for me now, and I will sing for you.
  • We Shall All Be Healed:I come from Chino, so all your threats are empty.
  • The Sunset Tree:Seaweed and Indiana saw grass; pale green things, pale green things.
  • Get Lonely:All that water rushing in.
  • Heretic Pride:When the house goes up in flames, when the scum begins to circle the drain.
  • The Life of the World to Come:Drive until the rain stops; keep driving.
  • All Eternals Deck:Lay down on the street, my eyes toward the sun, your star next to my face.
  • Transcendental Youth:Sing, sing high, while the fire climbs, sing one for the old times.
  • Beat the Champ:Out in the parking lot you look up at the stars, and all the cheap cars.
Opening Lines to TMG albums
  • Zopilote Machine:The morning comes to a stuttering halt, the cool breeze that blows is somebody's fault.
  • Sweden:You broke the door knob off the door, the door swung open easily.
  • Nothing for Juice:Down in the south Bronx, down home, saw you walking down the street again, saw you looking sweet again...
  • Full Force Galesburg:You've had it up to here with my West Country talk, you can hardly understand a word I say.
  • The Coroner's Gambit:I was having visions of sugar pastry
  • cooked up in clarified butter; I tried to turn my visions into prayers, but I built my castle way high up in the air.
  • All Hail West Texas:The best ever death metal band out of Denton were a couple of guys who'd been friends since grade school; one was named Cyrus, and the other was Jeff, and they practiced twice a week in Jeff's bedroom.
  • Tallahassee:Window facing an ill-kept front yard.
  • We Shall All Be Healed:Breaking the signal so it's totally unreadable.
  • The Sunset Tree:I checked into a bargain priced room on La Cienega, gazed out through the curtains of the parking lot.
  • Get Lonely:I leave the house as soon as it gets light outside, like a prisoner breaking out of jail, and I steal down to business fifteen-five-oh-one, like I had a bounty hunter on my tail.
  • Heretic Pride:Fog lifts from the harbor, dawn goes down to day.
  • The Life of the World to Come:I became a crystal healer and my ministry was to the sick.
  • All Eternals Deck:Brave young cowboys of the near North side.
  • Transcendental Youth:Do every stupid thing that makes you feel alive.
  • Beat the Champ:Small screen, July evening view, up and down Grand Avenue.

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Uncollected, out of print or unreleased tracks, 1992 - 2015.


1. Standard Bitter Love Song #1 (live from Zoop I; Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen NY - 17/06/2007)
2. Pieman, corrected version (from A Munchies Kinda Christmas, 1992)
3. That – The Extra Glenns (from High Fly Graveyard, 1992)
4. Song from the Shoreline (live from Stache’s; Columbus OH - Exact date unknown, 1994)
5. Rockin’ Rockin’ Pet Store (from KSPC session on 13/12/1992)
6. Let The Dogs Come Out (from KSPC session on 13/12/1992))
7. Chilean Fire Barrel (from KSPC session on 13/12/1992)
8. Going to San Diego (from KSPC session on 13/12/1992)
9. The Car Song (from KSPC session on 13/12/1992)
10. The Doll Song (from KSPC session on 13/12/1992)
11. Counting Song for Bitter Children (Posted on the Forums in 2007, song dates from at least 1995)
12. Greasepaint Friday (from rare editions of Transmissions to Horace)
13. Unknown Title (from rare editions of Transmissions to Horace)
14. Sure – The Extra Glenns (from Sidereal Rest, 1996)
15. Wishing the House Would Crash (live from Megasin, Brussels - 20/4/1995)
16. The Moon Song (live from Munchies; Pomona, CA - 22/7/1992)
17. Malted Milk (live from Munchies; Pomona, CA - 22/7/1992)
18. Going to Kansas (live from Munchies; Pomona, CA - 22/7/1992)
19. Standard Bitter Love Song #5 (live from Munchies; Pomona, CA - 22/7/1992)
20. Going to France (live from Munchies; Pomona, CA - 22/7/1992)
21. Standard Bitter Love Song #4 (live from Munchies; Pomona, CA - 22/7/1992)
22. Spilling Towards Alpha (live from Munchies; Pomona, CA - 22/7/1992)
23. Solomon Revisited (live from Munchies; Pomona, CA - 22/7/1992)
24. Get Your Mom Some Pie for Hanukkah (from Ha Ha Hanukah, The Goblins Comedy/Variety Special Original Soundtrack, 1997)
25. The New Potatoes (live from Duke Coffeehouse; Durham NC – 4/4/1997)
26. The Badger Song – The Extra Glenns (from High Fly Graveyard, 1992)


The Epic of Gilgamesh

Rather than mourn the death of the Mountain Goats forums by sitting Shiva for a week or summoning some dark LeVayan force to avenge the loss of information strewn by John’s long-awaited website redesign, I thought I’d do something more productive to commemorate the end of this once vital, now sadly stagnated forum. So here it is, Volume I of a three volume series that seeks to collect uncollected material, rare live shows and hard to find songs in one place, and emulate the style and tone of the official compilations (Ghana, Bitter Melon Farm and The Protein Source of the Future… Now!). A few quick notes; everything here is either out of print, unreleased or a live show. No official releases that are still available in some form will be shared. If a live show has been broken up, it’s because said song is either the only song I have from the show *or* the show is frequently broken up because of the song.

Front cover by Dymphna, the image is a diagram from a dentistry textbook. Back cover image is from Come and See [Idi i smotri], the best film I have ever seen. Text from “Dream Interpretation” (Riffel, Herman), 1993 edition. The title “Baby Teeth” refers to the fact John has grown up and discarded these songs, like baby teeth. I think I’m clever.


Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

Special thanks to those who originally provided me with these songs, I couldn’t get in contact with all of you, but you know who you all are. Thanks to Dymphna and Matchbox for the front and back covers. Thanks to Casper for the higher quality tape rips and everything else he’s done and continues to do. He dropped his last dime in a wishing well, you know. Eternal thanks to John Darnielle for recording such wonderful music for so long. Thanks to everyone who ever posted on the forums over the years. All good things must end, and if nothing else celebrate the fact that you will never be linked to that Mayonnaise thread again. These volumes are dedicated to the years spent building a friendly (if lovably pretentious) community on those pages. I will forever treasure the time John Nall called me “lame”.

Passaic, 1975
  • Passaic, 1975
  • The Mountain Goats
  • 2015-05-29 - The Showbox - Seattle, WA

“Passaic, 1975″, a new Mountain Goats song about Black Sabbath that was played live for the first time ever last night in Seattle.

“Tell the crowd, tell the world
I want everyone to get high”

24 songs by the Mountain Goats

a tmg starter kit for you 

This Year - The Sunset Tree (2005)

I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me.

Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1 - Transcendental Youth (2012)

Do every stupid thing to try to drive the dark away.

The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton - All Hail West Texas (2002)

When you punish a person for dreaming his dream, don’t expect him to thank or forgive you.

Heretic Pride - Heretic Pride (2008)

I’ve waited so long, but now I taste jasmine on my tongue. And I feel so proud to be alive.

Damn These Vampires - All Eternals Deck (2011)

Crawl ‘til dawn.

Attention All Pickpockets - Letter From Belgium EP (2004)

And us, too, not the same people that our old friends knew.

No Children - Tallahassee (2002)

I hope you die! I hope we both die!

Hast Thou Considered The Tetrapod - The Sunset Tree (2005)

I am young and I am good.

Going To Alaska - Taboo VI: The Homecoming (1992)

From where we are now it seems that, really, everything is growing in a thousand different ways.

Riches And Wonders - All Hail West Texas (2002)

I am healthy; I am whole. But I have poor impulse control. And I want to go home, but I am home.

Romans 10:9 - The Life Of The World To Come (2009)

Surely we will be saved one day.

Source Decay - All Hail West Texas (2002)

I wish the West Texas highway was a Mobius strip. I could ride it out forever - when I feel my heart break.

Alpha Rats Nest - Tallahassee (2002)

Open your mouth up and sing for me now, and I will sing for you.

Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise - Babylon Springs EP (2012)

Why would you think of me? When you were not the one in love - when you were not the dreamer, when you were just the dream.

Dance Music - The Sunset Tree (2005)

There’s only one place this road ever ends up, and I don’t want to die alone.

Game Shows Touch Our Lives - Tallahassee (2002)

Thunderclouds forming; cream white moon. Everything’s gonna be okay soon.

Cotton - We Shall All Be Healed (2004)

This one’s for the people who tell their families they’re sorry for things they can’t and won’t feel sorry for.

Up The Wolves - The Sunset Tree (2005)

Our mother has been absent ever since we founded Rome.

Old College Try - Tallahassee (2002)

I will walk all the way down to the end with you, if you will come all the way down to the end with me.

Transcendental Youth - Transcendental Youth (2012)

By the time you receive this, we’ll be gone.

You Were Cool - Unreleased

We held on to hope of better days coming, and when we did, we were right. I hope the people who did you wrong have trouble sleeping at night.

Sax Rohmer #1 - Heretic Pride (2008)

I am coming home to you with my own blood in my mouth.

1 John 4:16 - The Life Of The World To Come (2009)

And I know you’re thinking of me cause it’s just about to rain, so I won’t be afraid of anything ever again.

Love Love Love - The Sunset Tree (2005)

Some moments last forever, but some flare up with love, love, love.

The Signs As Obscure Mountain Goats Releases
  • ARIES:On Juhu Beach
  • TAURUS:Taking the Dative
  • GEMINI:Yam, the King of Crops
  • CANCER:Devil in the Shortwave
  • LEO:Chile de Árbol
  • VIRGO:The Hound Chronicles
  • LIBRA:Isopanisad Radio Hour
  • SCORPIO:Taboo VI: The Homecoming
  • SAGITTARIUS:Hot Garden Stomp
  • CAPRICORN:Beautiful Rat Sunset
  • AQUARIUS:New Asian Cinema
  • PISCES:Transmissions to Horace