{ Fancy-ish Kurloz! }

I attended Tomcon & Danse Macabre this saturday and I had a great time, even if it was a small {but FREE!} event I had lots of fun.
I have a mighty need for a new wig.
Spent the time with Vriska {Hehe, we slow-danced, instant-OTP}, Brook, He-Man, Richard and many more lovelies~

Since part of the event was the dance in the evening I wanted to at least do something a little bit fancy and different with Kurloz, even if I couldn’t find the time to get any fancy clothing for him. 

Photos by Mattias ‘Artano’ Persson <3
{Xept for the last, crappy one which I took with my cellphone after the event right before showering everything off. xD
The Makeup stayed on rather well considering I both drank and ate aso.}

Didn’t have anything else to do tonight so I made my first makeup-test for Kurloz.
Already, I’ve changed my mind about a few things. xD
Sneak-peak, will upload more tomorrow. { it’s 4 in the morniiing~ }
Only Shoopey-dooped the eyes since I don’t have my contacts yet. Also, I used my Gamzee-wig and my very first Gamzee-horns, they’re a bit longer than the ones I usually use for him these days so I thought it’d fit, for now.
{ Too thin yeh }

I needed that thrill, since I’ve got some economical problems right now, just the idea of being able to go and celebrate Halloween and making the full costume looks pretty dark in that way, but I always have makeup! =)

I hope my Meulin likes it!