What happens when you’re married to another fanfic writer and you both like Sanvers? Lots and lots of fics. @zennie-fic and I thought it would be fun to put all our Sanvers fics (so far) in one place because why not?  

Assumptions (1/1) – by InspectorBoxer
Summary: “So… What’s up with you and the Girl of Steel?”
Rating: T

Blush (1/1) – by InspectorBoxer
Summary: “I’ve never seen anyone blush that hard.”
Rating: M

Change in Plans (1/1) – by InspectorBoxer
Summary: Maggie’s date doesn’t go according to plan.
Rating: M

Face Your Fears (1/1) – by InspectorBoxer
Summary: Alex needs to face her fears. (Short ficlet)
Rating: T

Getting Lost (1/1) – by InspectorBoxer
Summary: Alex had never gotten lost in another person so thoroughly, never experienced how good, how right it could feel.
Rating: M

Hate the Game (1/1) – by zennie
Summary: Kara pulls Lucy into a plot to get Alex and Maggie together.
Rating: T

Headstrong (3/?) – by zennie
Summary: Maggie challenges Alex to a race. It doesn’t end like either of them planned.
Rating: T

Inked (1/1) – by InspectorBoxer
Summary: “Was that a tattoo, Danvers?”
Rating: T

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