Apart of my 4th Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith AU
Name:Sky Lavinia Smith-Sullivan
Looks:Mix of Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane
Personality:Mix of Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane
Birth Date:August 25th, 1994
Death Date:2075
Age of Death:81
Cause of Death:Car Crash
Fun Fact:After the Doctor and Sarah fallout, Sarah goes to Harry Sullivan’s to tell her feelings, and drink the pain away. Sarah accidentally sleeps with Harry resulting in Sky. Harry dies only 7 months after finding out she is pregnant. The Doctor forgives her for what she did,and he decides to raise Sky like his own. Even with this, they don’t get back together. She was also closer to Kayla then any of the other siblings, and was devastated when she died. Sky was also lesbian, and got married to a women named Athena Zelda when she was 19. They stayed together until Sky died.

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Fanfic #6

Ship:4th Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith

He never said those 3 magnificent words to her. The one that gives you that crazy feeling.

I love you.

Sarah found it odd. She used to tell herself that it was because he was alien,that he didn’t understand human emotions enough to say it. On the other hand, he kissed her,hugged her, and made love to her.

It drove her insane thinking about it sometimes.

Till’ one day…

He was laying in bed with her,one morning after they had some great sex.
He turned his head over and just plainly said that fatal question. The one that makes you stay silent until you decide the answer.

“Yes!”, Sarah yelled. Almost a scream.
She hugged him,kissed him,and said I love you.

“I love you too.” , The Doctor whispered to her.
“Really?” , Sarah said , almost in disbelief.
“Of course, darling.” , he told her with a nod.
She hugged and him and said, “ I think that’s the first time you ever said that me.”

It was true.


PSYCHEDELIC LOVE | SARAH - JANE | Nieuw nl talent. Producers: Badjekkah (!)