harper-biancardi replied to your post:[pm] Hey Tod! Have you heard back from your friend…

[pm] What if it’s not magic? Could you guys still help him?

[pm] Yeah, of course! I… I don’t know, Harp. Honestly, I don’t. One of them has been looking into this kind of magic for that reason. You know, to help people. Kind of like healing magic for the mind. But… Well, you know me, I’m not an expert. I just started. She just started, too. I’m so, so sorry, Harp, you’ve helped me so much and I keep letting you down. But I’ll ask, promise. Is there… Is there anything more you can tell me? Has it become worse? Do you want me to take a look at him? He knows about me, right? You guys share everything. I can’t make any promises, but maybe I could… I dunno, rule out magic. Or confirm it. I wish I could help more.

me: wow ukwon looks really good in thi-
*phone starts ringing nd cuts me off*
*unknown number*
me: um?? hello?
ukwon: haha i couldnt help but over hear u talking and i just want to remind u i have a girlfriend : )

The woman is Claudia Silva Ferreira who after being shot by military police was placed in the trunk to be taken to a hospital, where she arrived dead. Along the way, the car trunk opened, she was dragged for a piece of clothing to the car and had part of the body torn when dragged across the asphalt.

The man embracing the child is Amarildo Dias de Souza who was a brazilian bricklayer’s assistant who became nationally known because of his disappearance from the day July 14, 2013, after being detained by military police and conducted from the door of his home in Rocinha, toward headquarters Pacifying Police Unit of the neighborhood. His disappearance became a symbol of abuses of authority cases and policial violence. The main suspect in the disappearance of Amarildo are the military police.

The second man is Douglas Rafael da Silva aka DG who was killed by a gun shot. Despite the military police version and the result of the first skill, which indicated a fall as cause of death, the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute records injury in the lung per share “blunt needlesticks” - the injury caused by firearms projectiles. The death of DG, who was dancer of program “Esquenta” from Rede Globo, led a protest that banned streets of Copacabana and Ipanema. The boy’s body was found inside a school of Pavão-Pavãozinho, where he lived.

The child is Eduardo de Jesus Ferreira who was sitting at the door of his home in Morro do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro, when he was hit by a shot, which the residents of the community claim to have been shot by a military policeman.

Drawing made by: Vitor Teixeira.

I’m glad Nintendo hasn’t forgot about Mother 3 and Lucas, and that he’s coming back to Smash. But I just know he won’t be as glorious as PM Lucas.
Look at this Masked Man outfit tho. Props to the PM Dev Team/whoever they got to make this. :}