Okey so I know some of you are really exited about this picture:

And probably wonder who the child is (I did too if you look at one of my earlier posts.)

But as I was looking around on different tags on instagram (specifically Freema Agyeman ang Noel Clarke) I came across this picture:

And when I pressed the picture I came to a profile (do you call it profile on instagram?) and it had several more pictures of Freema and Noel and this child

And I figured out the child name is Ellis Griffith.  :D :D :D

He is a young CHILD ACTOR :D :) (50th anniversary fans, I think this might excited you. Some of you at least)

The Instagram account is his mother’s and there are a lot of pictures of him there. And two really cute pictures of him, Noel and Freema. And two pictures of him and Noel. Plus the one above with Freema.

I’ll just put them in so that you can see them for yourselves :D

+ the comments for this last picture X)

(I feel like a detective now, for finding the pictures/ figuring out the child’s name)

Aren’t they just so cute togethere?????? 


for the people who didn’t get to see the 50th in 3D 

please ignore my laughing, its awful