And then there was this, which wouldn’t have worked in a picset, really, but how much do I love it? Five out of six barricaders just done with being up so high on this windy, rainy day, caked with dirt and muck and getting soaked on ye olde heavenly barricade—and then there’s Killian, still waving his flag and all YES INDEED I HEAR THE PEOPLE SING AND THEY WILL BE HEARING ME TOO FOR THE NEXT WEEK IN THEIR SLEEP.

Right Where We Left Off (Jimin, OC) Part 2

Because so many asked for it… here you guys go! :) 



It was today. The day Bangtan boys were going to have a fansign at Busan. Yujin had been trying to make up her mind for the past few days, thinking if she should come or not. 

The reasonable side of her had thought the idea to be absurd. She shouldn’t have anything to do with him anymore. She had moved on and to be quite frank, Jimin seemed to have completely forgotten about her already. 
The other side, her stupid and hopeful side, thinks it wouldn’t hurt to go. And that despite all those time spent apart, she admitted that she missed him. 

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid., she thought to herself repeatedly. 

When the boys arrived a day before the fansign, Yujin felt a hundred different emotions bubbling inside of her. Excitement..anger…hurt…anxiety…hope. She didn’t know how he did it, but Jimin could still stir her into a whirlwind of emotions just like he used to. 

Yujin almost hoped that he would come see her. She had lived in the same neighborhood and the same house all her life and it wasn’t impossible for him to drop by and say hello… 

What am I thinking?, she thought, giving herself a mental slap on the face. Wake up and get a grip, Yujin! He’s got nothing to do with you anymore. He made that pretty clear when the two of you decided to let it go. 

But still, Yujin flinched everytime her phone rang or when there was the slightest sound of knocking at her door. She hated herself and how much she kept hoping. 

By night time, Yujin sighed heavily, finally giving up. He’s not coming and he scolded herself for even thinking he would. 

Everything’s different now, she thought. 

She knew that now. 


The next day was the day of the fansign and Yujin tried to keep that out of her mind. She went on with her usual chores and kept herself busy to prevent her from even thinking about the event that’s happening in her hometown. But it was quite difficult when all everybody ever talked about was Bangtan this and Bangtan that…

By late afternoon, Yujin was at the market to do some shopping since she’s running low on food supply. She was looking through the fruits section when she heard some girls giggling. 

“They’re here! Come on! Are you done with that?!”

“OHMYGOD! I can’t believe I’m going to meet Jimin oppa!”

At the sound of his name, Yujin almost dropped the apple she was holding. The girls exited the store excitedly. She found herself battling with her consciousness as she felt the urge to follow them. After a few moments of fighting with and defending herself, she sighed in defeat. 

I’m going to regret this, she thought as she left the apple and exited the building. 


The event was held outside. A tent was put up where the stage was situated as well as a long table with seven seats. Yujin felt the excitement and pure delight coming off from the fans as they waited for their idols to come out. Yujin couldn’t help but smile and feel proud. Even though Jimin was a jerk to her, she was still happy that he got to live out his dream. 

“Excuse me, Yujin? Is that you?” She felt someone tap her shoulder and when she turned to see who it was, she smiled. 

It was her neighbor Mrs. Kang. “Hello, Mrs. Kang.” she greeted and then saw her 7 year-old-daughter, holding what looked like Bangtan’s latest album. “Hello, Minhee.” She said to the little kid who gave her a cute wave. 

“Yujin-ah. I’m so sorry to be a bother but I need to ask you a favor.”

“Oh sure–”

“Can you take Minhee to get her CD signed? There was a call from the office and it’s urgent. I’ll pay you for looking after her.”

Yujin’s eyes turned into saucers as she let the words sink in. Take Minhee to get her CD signed. That would mean she would have to go on stage, meet the boys…meet him…and that would be a horrible idea. 

“Oh but–”

“Please Yujin, it would mean the world to Minhee.” Mrs. Kang pressed. At that Yujin was at the edge of the cliff. She looked down at the little girl who was so excited that she was practically jumping in delight. Yujin didn’t want to be a dream crusher and so she let out a sigh, “S-sure, Mrs. Kang." 

"Oh thank you, dear!” She knelt in front of Minhee and said, “Alright, sweetie. Mommy’s gonna go for a while and I’ll be back soon. Unnie,” she pointed at Yujin. “will take you to get your CD signed, okay?”

“Okay mommy.” Minhee happily bounded towards Yujin and held her hand. “Unnie! Are you a fan too?" She nodded with a soft smile. 

"Who’s your bias, unnie?" 

"Oh umm…” She tried to think of the names of the boys but Jimin’s name kept coming up. 

“I like Jimin oppa!” Minhee declared, and Yujin almost choked on her own spit. “Oppa is so handsome and I love him so much!" 

Yujin smiled down at her, "I like him too.” The moment she said it, she felt her heart race. Did she? 

There was sudden screaming upfront and Yujin took a deep breath. Here we go, she thought as the MC went onstage. 

Yujin took Minhee to the side to keep her from getting trampled on by the fans. She wanted to be close to the stage, so Yujin chose a spot on the side but near the front as well. She made Minhee stand on a stool so she could see. 

“Well here they are folks! Let’s welcome BTS!”

The boys came in one by one and Yujin felt her heart race as she watched them come out. First was Rap Monster followed by Jin, then Suga, then Jhope, the V, then…

Yujin let out a slight gasp as Jimin went onstage, smiling and looking happy. He waved enthusiastically at the crowd, throwing hearts here and there, sending the fans in a frenzy. He was followed by Jungkook who clapped him on the shoulder, pushing him to get in line. 

After a year she had finally seen him. Yujin just never thought it would hurt so much to see him so happy… To see that he has moved on without her. 

The boys did two performances and Yujin watched in awe at how good they were. As much as she wanted to watch them as a whole, she couldn’t help it as her eyes always skimmed past the others to focus on Jimin. He had gotten better at his dancing, not to mention more fit physically. He’s so different now, she thought. 

When their performance ended, they went and sat down at the table. The fan signing was starting. They asked everyone with the stubs to line up and soon Minhee and Yujin, who was anxiously fretting with the hem of her shirt, were in a queue waiting for their turn.

When they were finally up, Yujin tried to act as natural as she could be. First up was Rap Monster, who gave Minhee a sweet smile and asked her questions about school and that she should study hard and all that. He gave Yujin a smile as he acknowledged her. Next was Jin who was very sweet in talking with Minhee. Suga gave her “swag” pointers, and Jhope did aegyo for her. Yujin smiled at how all of them were so sweet towards their fans. When they went up to V, Yujin started feeling jumpy because Jimin was up next. V was playing a little game with Minhee as Yujin was busily staring at Jimin. He was signing a CD and when he looked up, she angled her body away so he couldn’t see her. 

“Bye oppa!” Minhee said and V gave her a funny face then a cute smile.

Jimin had just said goodbye to the other fan when Minhee practically jumped at him, “Jimin oppa!” She cheered.

“Whoa!” He chuckled as he ruffled her hair. “What’s a pretty princess like you doing here?”

Oppa, can you sign this for me?”

“Of course!” He flipped through the album until he found his picture and started signing. Yujin could only stare. “What’s your name?”


"That’s a pretty name.”

Gomawo, oppa!” She said and then added, “My unnie has a pretty name too!” The moment it came out of her mouth, Yujin wanted to lift her up on her shoulder and carry her far far away. 

“Oh? What’s her name?” He asked as he continued to sign, as well as answer the question on the post-it.

“Yujin-unnie.” She said. 

“Yujin… I have a friend who has the same–” Jimin looked up and finally met her gaze. Yujin stared back at him with an expressionless face. “Name.” He finished and she tried not to roll her eyes. A friend…yeah right.

Jimin was openly staring at Yujin and Minhee began to notice, “Oppa, do you think my unnie is pretty?”

“What?” Jimin woke from the trance, his cheeks tinged with red as he realized he was caught staring by a little girl. “Yeah.” he mumbled, and Yujin looked away. “But you are prettier, Minhee.” He said as a cover up. Minhee grinned and gave him a high five before moving on to Jungkook. 

Yujin followed but heard her name being called, “Yujin…” It was so faint she hardly could have heard it. But she did and her heart went berserk because of it. She looked back at him and saw him with an expression she couldn’t read. She looked away and just in time, Jungkook finished signing Minhee’s CD. They went down the stage and Yujin couldn’t help feeling eyes on her as she left. 

At the end of the event, the boys did a short question and answer portion with the MC. Usual questions were asked and all their answers were practically the same. How happy they were and how excited they were for their comeback…

When Jimin was asked how he felt about being back in Busan, his answer caught Yujin’s attention. “I’m happy I came back." 

"Why Jimin, you looked kind of dazed.” The MC teased and the other members did as well. “Someone caught your eye?”

For a brief moment, his eyes caught Yujin’s, making her heart beat rapidly in her chest. And then he smiled, “How couldn’t I? So many pretty girls here in my Busan!” He smiled flirtatiously and did a heart sign, making the fan girls scream. 

The fanmeet ended a few minutes later and the boys were immediately taken into a van. Yujin didn’t get the chance to see him and thought sadly at how he had left her…again. 


Yujin came home later that night feeling down and exhaustd. It was really late or was it early??Since, when she checked her phone it was already past 1AM. She had been driving around town for a few hours after dropping off Minhee at her house. She just needed some time alone after what happened at the fansign.  Yujin was happy she saw him but also upset. She opened the door and went inside, locking it. She leaned her back against it slid on the floor, covering her face with her hands. She wanted to cry but no tears came. 

Yujin didn’t know how long she sat there when she heard a knock on her door. She groaned and stood up, fixing her shirt before as she held the knob. Who in the right mind would be knocking at this late hour?!

She opened the door and to her surprise, the last (and first) person she ever wanted to see was standing at her front doorstep. 

“Yujin–” Jimin started and she immediately shut the door in his face. Anger or surpise, Yujin couldn’t tell what made her do it. She just acted on instinct. 

“Yujin, open the door.” Jimin called as he knocked once again.

“She’s not here." 

"I just saw you, Yujin.” she could practically feel him rolling his eyes as he said that. “You just shut the door in my face!”

“Go away, Jimin.” She croaked, though her heart was screaming for him to stay. 

“Not until you let me talk to you.” He said as he pounded on her door. “Please Yujin… Let me in.”

Yujin’s face was pressed against the door. Unknown to her, Jimin was doing the exact same thing on the other side. “Please…” He pleaded and Yujin heard the desperation in his voice. Unable to resist, she closed her eyes with a heavy sigh as she opened the door. 

Jimin looked at her in her surprise, as if he didn’t expect her to actually open up. “I–” he stuttered. “I guess I deserved that.” He said sheepishly. Yujin only stared at him and he sighed, “May I?”

Yujin stepped sideways to let him in and then shut the door. She opened the light in the hall and crossed her arms, “What do you want?” She asked almost harshly and she bit her lip at that. 

Jimin looked at her teasingly, “Is that how you say hello to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time?" 

"I didn’t know we were still friends.” She countered. 

Jimin’s smile disappeared and he looked down with a frown, “I’m sorry.”

“You left me, Jimin.” She said as she felt her anger slowly rising from her chest. “You walked out like what we had was nothing. Just like that." 

"I know–”

“Do you have any idea how much that hurt?” She said, letting her tears fall. The sight made Jimin wince. “Yujin–”

“No! You have to know!” she cried. “I went through hell, Jimin! You left me when I was only trying to be a good friend.” She gave him a slight shove. “You left me! You left me here alone!” Jimin gripped her wrists as she kept hitting his chest repeatedly, “Stop, please. I’m sorry–”

“And you know what’s worse?” She said as she removed her hands from his, forcefully, to wipe her tears, “I still thought about you. I thought about how you were, if you were doing fine–” She sobbed.

Jimin stared at her with a pained expression, “W-why?" 

Yujin looked at him as if he just asked her the most stupid question ever. "Because I loved you, Jimin. I’m still so damn in love with you!”

Jimin stared at her, wide-eyed. He seemed unable to fully comprehend her confession. “You–”

“I hate you, Park Jimin.” She seethed. “I hate you so much I want to punch you in the face.”

“Then do it.” He snapped. “Punch me. Hurt me. Do whatever you want!” He opened his arms as an invitation.

Yujin scoffed, “You think it’s that simple? I give you a punch and I’ll feel better? It’s not that easy, Jimin! You–” before she could finish her sentence, Jimin had moved towards her and crashed his lips onto hers. Yujin felt the door behind her as Jimin pushed her against it. She wanted to push him away but Jimin held her hands and kept her from doing so. 

Yujin struggled but he held her down. She had no choice but to melt into the kiss. When she finally kissed him back, Jimin wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, his kiss turning sweeter but with still with a slight hint of desperation. When he broke the kiss, they were both breathless.

“I’m sorry.” He gasped against her lips. “I’m sorry I was a jerk. I’m sorry I left you. I’m sorry I threw away what we had.” Yujin sobbed as he continued, “I’m sorry for ignoring you, for letting it go on for so long.” He was talking in a rush and she could feel him shaking. “I’m sorry, Yujin. I was a coward. I’m sorry!” He cries as he leaned his forehead against hers,“Forgive me, Yujin. Please, I need you–no, I want you back." 

Yujin smiled as she wiped his tears. She knew from the moment he saw him that she had already forgiven him; no matter how much pain he had put her through. ”Shh. It’s okay. I forgive you, Jiminie.“

Hearing his nickname, Jimin let out a laugh but it sounded like something in between a whine and a cry, which made Yujin giggle. He crushed her in a hug, burying his face on her neck. "I’m sorry. I swear I’ll make it up to you. I’m not going anywhere anymore." 

Yujin smiled as he hugged him tighter, looking up as she sighed happily. "I missed you.” She sighed. 

“I missed you, too.” Jimin replied, hugging her tighter. “And I love you too.”

She caught sight of her clock hung on the wall and saw that it was 1:35 AM. She smiled before burying her face on his neck, savoring the feel of his arms around her, hearing him whisper “I love you” over and over again.

They stayed like that for while, just hugging each other… 

…picking up exactly where they had left off. 


I went through a lot writing this. I had no idea how I did it but I did and it’s all because of you guys. <3 A thank you for all the support and love you give to this blog! ^_^

Hope you guys enjoyed this! (cause I did XD) And to the anon who requested this, hope this was alright :>

Thank you so much for reading! Ask box is open for comments/questions :D 

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anonymous asked:

are there any taejin fanfics that you know of?

  • Chill Out (PG),  Maybe Seokjin is scared, Taehyung thinks he is, or maybe the opposite.
  • Lipstick (PG-13), I’ll cover you with hickeys in places that no one will ever see. 
  • Tuesday (PG), A meeting based on absolutely nothing to do with anything.
  • Assumptions (PG-13), Taehyung takes a joke seriously and Seokjin is jealous.
  • Summer Nights(hold me closer) (PG), in which Taehyung’s debut is tomorrow and he spends his time lying in the practice room worrying, rather than resting up before the big day. 

너의 길을 가라고
단 하루를 살아도

Go your own path
Even if you live for a day

For all of those who are familiar with BTS (방탄소년단), this is a lyric from their song “No More Dream” where J-hope sings in the first time, then Jimin sings the second time.

I know some of you may be uncomfortable with tattoos and I hope this doesn’t affect how you view this blog or the creator. This is my first tattoo and I’m really happy I got it. :)

Right Where We Left Off (Jimin, OC) Part 1

OC- Song Yujin

Yujin stared at the TV screen, the announcer’s voice echoing in her ears. “Bangtan Boys are back! Catch them as they go on their promotional tour this month!" 

The boy group was having fan signing  events across the nation and Yujin stared at the list of places they would be visiting flash before her eyes. Her heart stopped when she saw her hometown, Busan, written at the very end of the list. 

Then the boys flashed on the screen saying their usual greeting. Rap monster spoke first saying how excited they were to meet the fans. Next was Jhope who happily invited everyone to come and see them. And then his face flashed on the screen, causing a thousand memories to resurface. She wanted to look away but somehow couldn’t. 

"We can’t wait to see you all!” Jimin said excitedly, shooting the camera his signature smirk followed by a smile. And then the advertisement ended, leaving Yujin breathless; even if she had probably watched it a million times today. 

Once upon a time, Park Jimin and Song Yujin were best friends. They had met in middle school and had become close throughout their high school years. They did everything together; sharing the same classes, joining dance competitions, and even playing pranks on their schoolmates. They were inseparable and Yujin couldn’t imagine her life without him by her side. 

That is until Jimin decided to sign a contract at Bighit and became a trainee at their company. He was talented; with good looks and a charming personality. He was basically the whole package which is why it didn’t surprise Yujin when the company had spotted him and wanted to make him a trainee.

“That’s great Jimin! You’re going to be famous!” She perked, happy at the news that her best friend is finally making it to the big stage. 

“Yeah,” he laughed. “But I’m kind of nervous, you know? I mean, there’ll be a lot of really talented people there and the chances of me debuting–”

“Is huge!” She said, squeezing his shoulder. “You’re really talented, Jimin-ah. You’re going to make it, I’m sure of it!”

Jimin sighed as he glanced at her with a smile, “You always had so much faith in me.”

Yujin grinned, “Of course!”

“I wish you didn’t.”

At that Yujin frowned, “Why not?”

Jimin shrugged, “I don’t want to disappoint you. You know how much I value what you think and I don’t want to let you down.” He gave her a weak smile. 

Yujin sighed and gave him a half hug, “Oh tsk. You’re never a disappointment Jiminie~. Never.”

Jimin paused before finally giving her a hug. Yujin was surprised at the sudden gesture and she stiffened. Jimin liked skinship and would usually do it with her, like draping his arm across her shoulders, hooking his arm on hers, and even going as far to holding her hand in public. Although Yujin was pretty much used to it, there was something about the hug that made her feel something weird in her stomach. It felt different… like it actually meant something.  

“Thank you, Yujin. ” he whispered in her ear, making her shiver. “For believing in me.” At that, she relaxed and gave in to the hug. 

“You’re welcome, Jimin." 


Everything changed after that and it wasn’t just the fact that he had to move into the city to do his training. 

Yujin started seeing Jimin in a different way. She felt her heart beat a little faster at the sight of him; she constantly awaited his phonecalls or text messages and when he did, she felt so happy as if she were floating on cloud 9; she acted more feminine around him which Jimin found a little weird at first, considering that she used to be a little boyish but eventually found it quite nice. He even commented that he liked it and that it suited her more, which made Yujin’s heart do flips. 

The time they spent apart from each other had made Yujin realize that she was actually in love with her best friend. She had loved him all along! She just didn’t see it amidst the time they spent goofing and fooling around. 

As the months passed, Yujin’s feelings grew while Jimin had become busier and more focused on his training. From weekly visits to their hometown, it had become a once or twice a month thing. Messages were sent back and forth but mostly contained casual greetings and one-word sentences. From phone calls that usually lasted for hours, it had become short and straightforward, with Jimin always being too tired to keep up with the conversation. 

Yujin didn’t show it but she was half angry and unhappy at the status of their relationship. She had tried her best to be supportive and encouraging but Jimin seemed to completely ignore her efforts. It was like he wasn’t even trying to keep in touch and like he was on purposely trying to keep a good distance between them. 

Her other friends had warned her of what could happen but she ignored them and protested that Jimin wasn’t like that. He would never exchange their friendship for a chance at being an idol. 

Would he?

Apparently, that was her first mistake. And she never thought that Park Jimin–her Jimin–would eventually let her down. 


Yujin sat on her bed that night, thinking about the past year she had gone through without him. After that night, she had cut all ties with him, not wanting anything to do with him anymore. He had made it clear that he doesn’t need her in his new life and even went on with it like she was just a ghost from her past. Yujin looked at the clock and found it blinking 1:35 PM. 

Funny, she scoffed. The same time it happened…

1 year ago

"You don’t understand!” Jimin yelled at her. 

He had come to visit her on that weekend and it was supposed to be filled with fun and a lot of catching up, as Yujin planned. But they ended up fighting in the middle of the night, outside Yujin’s house, when Jimin refused to even do stuff with her. When he told her that he was only here to let her know that he won’t be visiting anytime soon, it felt like a cold hard slap on the face. They weren’t together or anything but it felt like he wa actually breaking up with her…like he didn’t want to be friends with her anymore. 

“Then explain to me, Jimin!” She yelled back. “We hardly  even see each other and it wouldn’t hurt to return my calls or even send a text once in while!" 

"I’m busy with training, Yujin! You know how pressured I am right now with the company expecting so much from me. They want me to do this and do that and I just don’t have time–”

Yujin knew what he was about to say before he even had the chance to say it out loud; and she had beat him to it, “for me.” She mumbled. “You don’t have time for me." It hurt to say the words and she tried to hold back her tears thought it was threatening to come. 

"Yujin, I don’t mean that–” he looked away.

“No, no.” She held up a hand at him when he tried to console her. “I completely get it. I don’t fit in with your new life anymore–”

“It’s not–”

“You don’t need me anymore.” She hissed as she felt her anger boiling up inside her after being subdued for so long. “You don’t even want to have anything to do with me anymore!”

That’s not–”

“Don’t even try to deny it, Park Jimin!” She screamed at him. “You’ve practically pushed me away the moment you started ignoring my calls or even my slightest efforts of keeping in touch with you.” she seethed. “You’re a selfish jerk, you know that?!" 

Jimin bewilderedly stared at her and glared, ”I’m selfish? If anyone is selfish it's you! Instead of supporting me and trying to understand what I’m going through, here you are trying to pick a fight!“

"You asked for it!”

He cursed under his breath, “You’re so immature! I don’t know why I even came here to see you." 

His confession was like a slap and it shut her up as a tear rolled down her cheek. She wiped it away before Jimin could see, "You’re right, maybe you shouldn’t have come.”

They stared at each other, slightly panting at the hurtful words they had exchange with each other. “It was a mistake.” Jimin said, darkly. 

“It was.” She said. A mistake to fall for you. 

“Fine.” He said as he left her standing on the streets, feling as if the weight of the world had been put onto her shoulder. Yujin watched him go; watched him walk out of her life for good. 



Yujin blinked and gasped as she felt pain in her chest. She moved her hand towards her face and was surprised to feel it wet with tears. She couldn’t believe that after all this time it still could hurt so much. 

Still hurts, she thought as she curled herself into a ball, trying to sleep the pain away. 

To be continued. 

Tell me if you want part 2! :P Request is found here.

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