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The monsters darling!!! It's so good that's probably my fav series of yours atm I love the way you just like.... put so much malice into the words of dark and jack? They've got such an interesting dynamic in tmd I love it That or maybe your daydream would be rly cool to see too

Seems like this is the popular vote, haha. I’ll have it up in a little while :)

Thanks so much guys for supporting it! I definitely have a LOT of fun writing it <3


teen wolf plot bunny: Matylda ‘Tilly’ Stilinski

“Stiles I swear If you make one more ‘Matilda’ joke-”
“Hey at least people can pronounce your name!” 

Matylda Stilinski has grown up doing her best to pretend she isn’t associated with her weird twin brother, rising to the top of the social food chain without him. But that all changes when strange things start happening in Beacon Hills and it all seems to lead straight to Stiles and his equally irritating best friend. 

But while it’s easy to hide her secret relationship with Jackson, there seems to be a new pile of secrets building up between the Stilinski twins and it’s only so long until they both get in way over their heads.

Oh, my Thorki Loves!

In the darkness of the northern winter, comes light. In the blistering heat of your summer in the south comes a cooling balm:


You can only view the stories as pages on a PC, so if you’re on a damnable phone app, find yourself a computer. I’m so happy tmd found a safe way to share these, They are still (very understandably) taking a bit of a sabbatical from fandom interaction. This is a genius way to post these: they can block at will, and the stories aren’t rebloggable. But we already knew tmd was a genius, no?