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Ari stuck on a bus with the whole crew headed to an important lacrosse match and tensions are high😀

yay thanks babe! hopefully i did this prompt justice and sorry this is late :P

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L O O K  B O O K #164

Hair: monso - Tyrion (@TMD)
Tattoo: Bolson - Hopper (@Bodyfy)
Top: Dami - Layered short sleeve shirt 6 (@Monsieur Chic)
Pants: villena - Mom jeans black
Vale Koer - Thermal socks
BOYS TO THE BONE - stacked sandals fatpack hud (@Bon Voyage)
Bag: Sabotage - Gun tote
Septum: Septum:
MONS - Mystic collection
David Heather - Vigo blazer
Bokeh - Origami fox (@Bon Voyage)
Plaster: eyecandy - Band aid
Poses: BOYS TO THE BONE - Various poses

Shooting location: my studio(no slurl)

976 名前:名無しさん必死だな[sage] 投稿日:2016/08/07(日) 21:14:27.70

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985 名前:名無しさん必死だな[sage] 投稿日:2016/08/07(日) 21:15:59.08

988 名前:名無しさん必死だな[sage] 投稿日:2016/08/07(日) 21:16:30.10 ID:TMD/

982 名前:名無しさん必死だな[sage] 投稿日:2016/08/07(日) 21:15:34.33

Feat. Happy Cat

#tmj #tmd #ehlersdanlossyndrome

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i can proudly announce that UBUME x ORIGAMI game is officially open from now until the 10th September 2016! Please visit UBUME x ORIGAMI to begin the game, or for more information you can check out the official website: yaaaaay o(〃^▽^〃)o



Hair: [monso] My Hair - Tyrion @TMD !NEW!


Hat: + Kuro Blood Sakkat + {EgoSumAii} @UBUME x ORIGAMI !NEW!
Staff: =Zenith=Xiang Mo Gacha @Fantasy Gacha Carnival !NEW!
Backpack: DDD_Backpack chest_Body @UBUME x ORIGAMI !NEW!
Swords: [CX] Sai Kanzashi @UBUME x ORIGAMI !NEW!
Doll: [Tecmac] Holding Hanako *Normal* @UBUME x ORIGAMI !NEW!
Everything else: -00-Yoko- @UBUME x ORIGAMI !NEW!

Pose: Le Poppycock *Yandere* Pose @Bon Voyage-Japan !NEW!



Hair: *barberyumyum*71O
Bangs: *Alice Project* Sileny Bangs - Bloody Black
Mesh Head: . offbeat . Tokyo Girl Head Gacha @Bon Voyage-Japan !NEW!
Cheek Dots: Clemmm - Mesh Cheek Dots
Hand Tattoo: se//mi / Fujutsu - Hands
Nails: *:..Silvery K..:* Claw of SilverCross


Head Accessory: *LODE* Head Accessory - Aroma Flower for Head [brown]
Mouth: un Jour-ORIGAMI-HADOU-Zakuro
Choker: =Zenith=Xiang Mo Gacha @Fantasy Gacha Carnival !NEW!
Bow: :-.SOUEN.-:Haribon
Handheld: [ keke ] tivoli pendant @The Forest !NEW! (more info)

Pose: [addme.] Pose#078-02 @UBUME x ORIGAMI


Trees: Schadenfreude Tall Flowering Tree
Cats: +Half-Deer+ Maneki-Neko @Bon Voyage-Japan !NEW!

thank you all~ ♥

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L O O K  B O O K #165

Hair: Bold & Beauty - Kelsey (@Whimsical)
Tattoo: Bolson - Sak Yant
Top: AMITOMO - My boom gacha rare (@Kustom9)
Pants: AMITOMO - High waisted skinny jeans (@TMD)
Shoes: Vale Koer - Moody platforms (@Kustom9)
KITJA - Rebeca waist shirt
Clutch: Flite - Fuck you clutch gacha
kunst - Long cig holder rare (@Kustom9)
Septum: Septum: MONS - Mystic collection
Earring: Just Magnetized - Genesis magnet earring
Scarf: DROP - Snood scarf
Cheek blush: Genesis Lab - Cheeky blush gacha (@Kustom9)
Poses: Body Language - SLC SS Pose in the lens (@Kustom9)

Shooting location: Crack den(TAXI)

Fade Into Me ~ Chapter 39

Art as always by the ridiculously talented Lucia, tmd-dump-station

Please show your appreciation for her amazing talent and like/reblog the original here.



Chapter One ~ Chapter Two ~ Chapter Three ~ Chapter Four

Chapter Five ~ Chapter Six ~ Chapter Seven ~ Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine ~ Chapter Ten ~ Chapter Eleven ~ Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen ~ Chapter Fourteen ~ Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen ~ Chapter Seventeen ~ Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen ~ Chapter Twenty ~ Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-Two ~ Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Five ~ Chapter Twenty-Six ~ Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Eight ~ Chapter Twenty-Nine ~ Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty-One ~ Chapter Thirty-Two ~ Chapter Thirty-Three

Chapter Thirty-Four ~ Chapter Thirty-Five ~ Chapter Thirty-Six

Chapter Thirty-Seven ~ Chapter Thirty-Eight


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It’s been so long since we’ve heard from London quartet The Microdance but finally their brand of psychedelic rock has returned, releasing the double A-side single ‘The Ride Today’/’Come Back To Me My Lover In The Sky’ (the latter track taken from the band’s debut album New Waves Of Hope).

Rich in atmospherics, ‘The Ride Today’ takes a hazy trip through slow drum crawls and soaring riffs that have a classic rock edge, the track gorgeously euphoric but with a certain melancholy that lingers as Alex Keevil’s powerful rasp rips through the sonic expanse.

Via press release, Keevil explains about the track:

‘The Ride Today is an interesting one because I think a lot of people who have heard snippets of what we’ve done think it’s a new direction for the band […] I actually wrote the song before we recorded New Waves of Hope and it is in fact redolent of my pre TMD songs; it just didn’t fit with the consistent, more organic rocky vibe of the album. It’s a sound that I love - gloopy, new wavey, and slightly gothic. A friend said to me when she heard the demo,’ you’ve outcured The Cure.’ I’ll take that!’

Read the review for New Waves of Hope here.

-Bianca B.

HX: White Sneaky Curved Caps (Black Pins) NEWW @ TMD

HX: Gold “Classic” Glasses [Shades]

HX: Paint Splatter Card Board Boombox

Blupr/nt -  Playboy Necklace (bronze) NEWW

Blupr/nt - Diamonds Bite set . NEWW

Wonton: Nylon Bomber Jacket / White NEWW @ Monsieur Chic

Wonton: Waisted Trousers / White NEWW @ Monsieur Chic

LOTD 369

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Pants:Vale Koer-Essential Joggers
Shoes:Bad Unicorn-Black NRD @TMD
Bat:Bad Unicorn-Bonds Baseball Bat

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về Vietnam á :O
ngồi cửa hóng hớt trong nhà mọi người đang bật chuyển động 24h tự zưng nghe thấy “ban nhạc rock đến từ nước Đứccccc Scorpions” tmd zhendema woqu lại phải bảo thằng em câu vé à mk tmd tmd huhu