teen wolf plot bunny: Matylda ‘Tilly’ Stilinski

“Stiles I swear If you make one more ‘Matilda’ joke-”
“Hey at least people can pronounce your name!” 

Matylda Stilinski has grown up doing her best to pretend she isn’t associated with her weird twin brother, rising to the top of the social food chain without him. But that all changes when strange things start happening in Beacon Hills and it all seems to lead straight to Stiles and his equally irritating best friend. 

But while it’s easy to hide her secret relationship with Jackson, there seems to be a new pile of secrets building up between the Stilinski twins and it’s only so long until they both get in way over their heads.
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AU. Anti gives him a rare grin. “You’re getting red-eyed again, a mhuirnín. Red as that hair of yours. Is that a recent addition, I wonder? For a reason, maybe? Changing yourself?”

Anti’s been a popular request since I first mentioned him over on my Tumblr. I did a LOT of talking with my good friend snuggletart and they were so lovely in letting me bounce Anti ideas off of them! Anti’s placement was always very tentative–he’s been in a lot of chapters, actually, but he ended up being deleted before the final copy was ever written, because I didn’t feel like it was time. When I finally nailed down where I wanted him and how he would play into the story (thanks to Snuggs), I could actually introduce him for real, and keep him in.

That said, I recognize this part is a little short in comparison to the rest of the parts, and I do apologize for that! The next part is a bit longer so I hope that’ll make up for it.


Title from “Where I’m Going” by Sir Sly.
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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

AU. “I’m going to teach you some goddamn manners, I think,” Dark spits. “No, Jack. You’re not getting any more involved in this. Go home, and don’t come back.”

A lot of people have been asking about the upload schedule for this fic–and usually how it works is that I constantly have two parts completed, and the next one in the queue goes up. So that means now that this part is up, I have another ready to go, and another one in progress. I try to space them out by a couple of days each time. It’s not a DEFINITE schedule, but it’s tentative.

This part is sort of a wind-down from the intensity of the last part, and Jack’s made his wonderful reappearance, much to Dark’s chagrin.

Feelings are a thing, and someone is particularly unhappy about that.


Title from “Gold” by Sir Sly.

i had to write a ballad for creative writing class:

He looked upon the boy with such delight,

But he would not admit it, not tonight.

Though he saw the stars in the boy’s eyes,

He’d rather lie, lie, and lie.

As he grew older, the boy had much more charm,

Bright blue eyes soft and warm,

The boy grinned a smile that made his heart skip beats,

Which, for someone like him, was no easy feat.

The boy loved so fiercely, more than he could bear,

And he cried and cried and cried when he said he didn’t care.

Cheeks blotchy and red, he yelled and screamed,

“Why do you always do this to me?”

And it was true, what he always hid,

He pretended he didn’t care, when he knew did.

Love was something he felt, though he’d never say it out right,

This boy meant everything to him, no tricks, no sleight.

His heart was changing, his future grim,

Was there truly happiness for someone like him?

With a puff of a cigarette, and nerves of steel,

He had every intention of making what they had real.

Conveyance | #82

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