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What He’s Wearing…

Tank/Jacket: ::GB::Offshoulder Leather Jacket/Black NEWW!!! @TMD

Pants: Lumiere Apparel- Slim Fit Jeans - Denim No.3


Earring: :: GORODEE :: Edd Earring [ll-Type]

Septum: J/M - Genesis Septum - Onyx / Black

Skateboard/Helmet: AITUI -Holdable Board & Helmet w/HUD NEWW!!! @TMD

Eyes: IKON Odyssey Eyes -Rustic NEWW!!! @TMD

Hola mi amores! Androgyny here with a fun look for you all! A mash up of color, pattern and texture. I had fun putting together this look so I hope you all go out there and WERK! Love and appreciate you all! Remember, all is fair in fashion with T.A.B! 

On Androgyny

Hair: [monso] // My Hair - Xiu // @ TMD 
Nails: (NO) // Art Nails Summer Rave // @ C88 
Jacket: Foxes. // Summer Love Jacket Tropical Bitch // @ C88
Dress: ISON // Wrap Side Dress White // @ C88
Shoes: [Co57] // Amina Bootie Noir W/ Studs 
Earrings: {Imeka} // Watermelon Earrings // @ C88
Necklace: LaGyo // Panarea Collier Gold // @ C88
Pet: Birdy // Puggiie - Hold/Rez - Soda // @ The Arcade 
Ring: (Yummy) // Pineapple Ring Gold // @ C88

TMD’s Prosthetic Review Master Post.

A while back I recieved a question asking me to review the plethora of prosthetics/packers I have used over the years.
I’ll give each a rating out of 10, with 10 being the better end of the spectrum. 

Note: This is a work-in-progress; I can’t sit down and write all of the reviews at once. Thanks for your patience. 

Homemade Condom/Gel Packer:
There’s a first time for everyone, and mine was right here. As far as I’m concerned this still feels much more realistic through underpants than some of the more pricier store-bought packers available. Not too much to say here; doesn’t look realistic, but feels good and you can choose what size you’re comfortable with.

Novelty Sticky Penis: This was, when I was very young, my first ever “bought” packer. It was sold as a novelty, and the texture and consistency is exactly that of those sticky slapper hands you had as a kid. I had to powder it every time so it wouldn’t stick to my harness, and it was actually bright pink - but it worked and made me happy at the time. I was underage, and did not have any way to order online. This sufficed, but I wouldn’t reccomend it. (Link to what I’m talking about)

Mr. Limpy: This was the first proper packer I bought. I probably can’t say much more than anyone else has; they’re affordable, pretty realistic and come in a few different sizes. I couldn’t use any but the “Extra Small” version without feeling like I had an uncooked sausage in my pants. Does the job well, and I still use this particular packer if I am going swimming or doing particularly acrobatic activities. It stays where I put it, and it’s too large to look obscene under tight clothing/swimwear. You can easily make homemade STPs out of these, too.
Cons: Lacks the realism some other prosthetics have, can often feel a bit too squishy, needs thorough cleaning and powdering so it doesn’t get sticky.

MAN-GO: This was one of the first STP’s on the market which wasn’t simply a medicine spoon recipticle in a Mr. Limpy. What I really liked about this product was the recepticle; it was much smoother and easier to use than the medicine spoon I had been using prior. The packer itself was just a Mr. Limpy, although I purchased my MAN-GO when they first came out, so I can’t really comment on how they are now (or if they even exist?)

GV Sailor: This packer is probably the best in terms of realistic feel than most others as the core is a different density than the outer softer skin, giving it a realistic feel and weight. I never really used this packer much however, due to me not being able to find a comfortable way to pack with it. I was used to a smaller packer back then, and I think this was 4″ instead of 3.5″ that I was used to. It’s on par with the Mr. Limpy with regards to realism when looking at the prosthetic, however feel is far far better.

Peecock Generation 1: This, as it stands, is by far the best prosthetic I have had to date in terms of how it sits in my underpants, how it packs nicely without an obscene bulge and how easy it is for me to urinate with it. I forget I am wearing it. I never have to think about lining anatomy up, or accidentally messing myself. It also works well enough in bed for sexytimes, seeing as it’s a Pack, pee and play.
The cons with this particular product are the severe lack of realism; there aren’t as many little details on this prosthetic as there are on say, Mr. Limpy’s, but the ability for it to work so well in other areas surpasses this inconvenience for me. I also did not want to have a giant prosthetic for packing, so I opted for the smallest they had - which then made it a little too small for bedroom use.

Freetom 4-in-1: This has been thoroughly reviewed both in video and in pictoral format HERE and HERE.

Updated Fic List

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Caryl one shot - Four Funerals & a Wedding

Connor four-part – The Prodigal Sons Return  / An Irish New Year  / The Path of the Righteous Man  / Remembered Rhythm & Small Surprises  –written for Tracy (eyeofdionysus). 

Daryl three-part – The Art of Love in a Loveless World  / Learning to Fly  / Wash Away My Sins  – written for Lucia (tmd-dump-station). 

Daryl one-shot - Got Poncho? - written for Breezy (reedusproblems

Flandus one-shot – Convention Tension

Flandus one-shot –  #ninjasgotdabooty

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Kirby one-shot - Addiction - written for Coral (septumizedcouture)

Merle one-shot – Sometimes You’ve Got to Give a Little to Get a Little - written for Nina (thecrossroaddixons

Murphy one-shot – The Reluctant Princess - written for Anz (my-psychic-paper / get-your-stupid-fcking-rope

Norman multi-part - Bike Ride  / Dinner Surprise  / Strawberries & Cream  / Nightclub  / An Unexpected Treat  / Happy Birthday, Lucia  / Red Carpet / Say it! - written for Lucia (tmd-dump-station)

Norman one-shot - In the Still of the Night  written for Jen (ghostofjen)

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Rickyl one-shot -  The Same Deep Water As You 

Rickyl one-shot - Love Is The Drug 

Rixonne - Trinity - Michonne / Daryl / Rick - written for Kay (rickgrimespls)

Scud two-part - Pour Some Sugar On Me / Love Bites - written for Breezy (reedusproblems)

Sean three-part - A Warm Night  / Second Date  / A Random Meeting  – written for Lucia (tmd-dump-station). Part of a larger Norman arc.

Strangely Comfortable -  chapter one / chapter two / chapter three / chapter four / chapter five / chapter six / chapter seven / chapter eight / chapter nine / chapter ten / chapter eleven / chapter twelve / chapter thirteen -  written for Lucia (tmd-dump-station

Travis four-part – Secret Desires  / The Wedding  / Painting Outside the Lines  / post-it –written for Klarissa (acklefrackle). 

WereFlandus - chapter one / chapter two / chapter three / chapter four / chapter five / chapter six / chapter seven / chapter eight / chapter nine / chapter ten / chapter eleven / chapter twelve / chapter thirteen / chapter fourteen / chapter fifteen / chapter sixteen / chapter seventeen / chapter eighteen / chapter nineteen / chapter twenty / chapter twenty-one / chapter twenty-two / chapter twenty-three / chapter twenty-four / chapter twenty-five / chapter twenty-six (the end) - written for Lucia (tmd-dump-station). 


L O O K  B O O K #41

Hair: MINA - Yuliya (@Kustom9 june)
Tattoo: Bolson - Sacred
Top: Wonton - Audran wool jumper
Pants: 2byte - Slacks pants (@TMD june)
Shoes: Yuki - H&M Shoes gacha rare 02 (@the chapter four)
Septum: GORODEE - Nose pierced octav
Glasses: GALI by Soy - Marui glasses (@Kustom9 june)
Nails: GD - Swag to suave
Hands: Clemmm - White bandaged hands
Nosebleed: Titzuki - Beat me up, mister. Bloody nose
Poses: Kirin - Natsu set (@Kustom9 june)

Leaves: Offbeat - Summer time leaves gacha (@Kustom9 june)
Guitar: C L A Vv. - Guitar gun case gacha (@Kustom9 june)
Clutch: TONY - Daytona slouchy clutch (@Kustom9 june)
Shoes: .random.matter. - Saoirse platforms (@Collabor88)
Magazines: Kalopsia - Magazine summer and spring (@Kustom9 june)
Tee/box: HAIKEI - Humid dusty cottage gacha 3/5 (@Kustom9 june)
Hat: Beusy/BUC - Solid buckethat (@Kustom9 june)

Shooting location: My studio(no slurl)

actuallyitsaparasol asked:

if it's not too spoilery, how did caroline end up living in the same building as the man who lives downstairs?

caroline doesn’t actually live in the same building as the man downstairs– the man downstairs is more of a title than anything else, he doesn’t actually live anywhere, though there’s some places he’ll frequent more often than others (though tbh i really like the idea of tmd being the creepy dude living in the basement rooms of an apartment building, haha). caroline lives in nemo’s apartment with him and mittamur– tmd pops by occasionally, though he tends to only come by whenever nemo’s out, since mittamur gets cagey and defensive whenever the two of them are in the same room. (initially tmd didn’t care, and almost thought it was funny, but the joke wore thin fast when tmd could barely hold a conversation with mittamur if nemo was there. caroline doesn’t really care where he talks to her, but it pisses her off that he pops up the hell out of nowhere nine times out of ten)

(some bonus facts since i don’t think i really answered your question: the lady upstairs doesn’t have a concrete home either, though she too has places she’ll go often– the person right here is the only one of the three with an actual house)