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Scarlet Witch Masterpost | part 1 of 4
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Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, has been hunted, feared, revered and maligned. As a mutant, she has faced persecution and fear. As daughter of Magneto, even her own allies treated her with trepidation. She has lost her husband more than once, watched her children die and been manipulated by her family to use her terrifying powers to terrifying ends. 

Despite all this, Wanda is a woman that, after much struggle, owns her actions and accepts the terrible consequence of her powers. A powerful mutant and a stronger woman, the Scarlet Witch strives towards benefitting man and mutantkind alike, as well as finding an identity for herself after so many years of being pulled in opposite directions. 

  • Secret Identity: Wanda Maximoff (publicly known)
  • Species: Human, Mutant
  • First Appearance: X-Men #4
  • Past Team Affiliation: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Avengers, Avengers West Coast, Secret Defenders, Lady Liberators, Brides of Set, Force Works
  • Powers: The ability to utilize mystic energy to create “hex spheres,” minor alterations in probability and disruption of reality. They manifest in a number of ways. Her powers were later augmented, granting her the ability to create enormous changes in reality–such as the near-genocide of mutantkind in House of M. She also has some training in the mystic arts. 

Thor [master] Post 2/6


Thor is the son of Odin & Gaea, Prince of Asgard, God of Thunder, & the greatest warrior Asgard has ever known. He grew up on Asgard with his half-brother Loki, and friends such as Sif & Balder. When Thor was young, his father Odin had the mystical uru hammer Mjolnir crafted, enchanting it so that only those who were worthy would be able to lift it. He then set it aside for his son, knowing that Thor would one day be able to wield the hammer, and from that day on Thor accomplished many great & heroic deeds in an effort to prove himself worthy. However, it was not until Sif’s life was at stake & Thor offered his in exchange that he was found worthy enough to lift the hammer. From that day forward, Mjolnir was his, along with the storm powers it contained, and Thor became the God of Thunder.

Over the ages, Thor continued to accomplish many great feats and win many battles in the name of Asgard. However, he also became arrogant and reckless because of his power and abilities, and one day his father, angry at his son for endangering Asgard with his behavior, stripped Thor of Mjolnir and his powers, banishing him to Midgard (Earth) in the form of a mortal with a crippled leg: Dr. Donald Blake. As Don Blake, Thor had no memories of his former life, and would not regain them until he had lived long enough in his mortal shell to learn humility. After several years, Don Blake found himself in Norway, unknowingly guided by the hand of Odin towards a cave (actually the cave of Thor’s birth) where he found an enchanted cane. When struck upon the ground, the cane turned into Mjolnir and transformed Don Blake into Thor, returning to him his powers.

Thor was himself once more but he retained his mortal disguise (and the ability to switch forms by striking his hammer or cane upon the ground) and became a protector of Midgard, eventually becoming a founding Avenger alongside several other well-known heroes. Since that time, Thor has had many adventures on Midgard, Asgard, and the rest of the nine realms, although his affinity for Midgard and desire to split time between it and Asgard is often a point of contention between Thor & his father. Although many other things have changed, Thor continues as an Avenger to this day, still protecting Midgard and Asgard both, and remaining worthy to wield Mjolnir.

Thor [master] Post 3/6

Powers & Abilities:

Thor is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. Thor is a member of the Aesir – a race of godlike beings with strength, endurance, speed, invulnerability, and longevity many times that of humans. As one of the most powerful of his race, Thor’s abilities extend even further. His strength is near limitless (he’s defeated beings such as the Silver Surfer and the Hulk and can lift millions of tons and destroy planets with his fist), he’s invulnerable to all but the most powerful forces (he’s survived a supernova explosion and direct blasts from the Destroyer), he can fly to the sun within minutes and throw Mjolnir at the speed of light, and possesses stamina that allows him to battle for days on end without pausing.

As the God of Thunder, Thor has control over the forces of weather. He can summon rain and storms spanning the entire planet, and easily create wind forces far stronger than that of hurricanes with just his breath, but he is most often seen wielding the powers of lightning (he once summoned a lightning bolt strong enough to kill the Void). He often uses Mjolnir as a conduit in channeling lightning when striking at his enemies, although he does not need the hammer to do so. Thor also has a special connection to the earth through his mother, Gaea, and can manipulate the earth, open chasms, and cause earthquakes.

Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer was enchanted by Odin so that only those who are worthy may wield it and grants Thor even more abilities. Mjolnir will return to Thor’s hand upon command after being thrown, and allows him the power of flight by swinging the hammer rapidly and throwing it into the air. Through Mjolnir, Thor can channel powerful energies known as the Anti-Force and God Blast, both of which are capable of destroying planets.

In addition to the (incomplete) list of powers above, Thor is a master strategist and tactician and has led Asgard to countless victories over millennia. He has a genius level intellect, understands advanced physics, is easily capable of operating complex technology, and possesses the knowledge and experience that comes from living for thousands and thousands of years. He has advanced medical knowledge from his time as Donald Blake and EMT Jake Olsen, and from all of his mortal identities a great understanding of mortals and their customs.