fuckyeahnoelandjulian’s Mighty Boosh 20 day graphic, screen caps, gifs challenge, art or anything you want to create!

  1. The moment you fell in love with the Boosh
  2. Favorite quote
  3. Favorite main character
  4. Favorite minor character
  5. Least favorite character
  6. Favorite character that only showed up once
  7. Favorite actor
  8. Favorite episode 
  9. Favorite moment 
  10. A Scene that makes me laugh
  11. Favorite season
  12. Favorite song
  13. Favorite Julian Scene
  14. Favorite Noel Scene
  15. Favorite live show
  16. Favorite live bit(aka favorite moment in the live show) 
  17. Boosh + Space
  18. Boosh + Color 
  19. Boosh + Happy
  20. Boosh + heart break 

There’s a ton of challenges for other TV shows so I thought I would do a bit of my own! Feel free to change it up in any way. If you tag them as mightybooshedits or tmb20daychallenge I will most likely reblog them all! Reblog and let the mighty boosh fandom know about it! I can’t wait to see what everyone creates!  


tmb20daychallenge: Day 5: Least favourite character.

The rabbit with the big white face. It just doesn’t push my funny button - in fact, this was the first thing I ever saw of the Mighty Boosh (on an Amnesty programme) and it was years before I tuned back in again. It just passes me by. 

That said, I really appreciate Dave Brown’s physicality - as always! - in particular that forward roll back on to the stage. Pretty awesome. 


Mighty Boosh 20 day challenge

  1. The moment you fell in love with the Boosh

I was about 14(7 years ago) and my friend had been telling me this TV show called The Mighty Boosh playing on adult swim in the wee hours of the night, and one night I was up pretty late and it was on so I decided to give it a try. It was Electro and wow I thought it was a weird show but it really made me laugh. And then I got to this part and I was on the floor. I’ve never seen anything so weird and funny. It fit me perfectly and I fell in love. I stayed up every Friday night to watch the “new”(to me) episodes of the Mighty Boosh.