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The media needs to stop associating mental illness w/ male violence in general. White terrorist? Nah, boy w/ a mental illness. Goes all the way to tv shows. they assign a random mental illness to explain away white male behavior w/ no regards to accuracy. Then we actually get one(quentin) but ppl r too use to the same ole bullshit to recognize.

Yeah, the media does a great job of stigmatizing mental illness to the detriment of everyone. It’s discouraging and quite frankly dangerous.

Quentin is such good mental illness rep. My poor broken son. I don’t think I can come up with any other character in recent years that has depicted what being mentally ill is as well as Quentin.


TMaG R1 v2 TP Driver


The R1 driver from TaylorMade Golf is the best selling driver and with its multiple settings for adjustment of ball flight it can be tweaked to fit the swing of any user.

TMaG is now made available (so far only on its website) the R1 v2 TP model reflecting the desire by some of their tour staff professionals for a relatively heavy shaft or one that is up to an inch longer, which of course breaks the 46 inch barrier. With the stock R1 460cc clubhead though the increase in weight from more shaft makes the club’s total weight just too heavy.

The fix was to decrease the clubhead size from 460cc to 440cc while maintaining all the tuning adjustments. At 440cc, the R1 v2 has the same proportions as the R1 and can be tuned in the same way. However, the R1 v2’s lighter head weight allows use of heavier or Tour spec shafts without pushing the club’s total weight too high.

Stock shaft for the R1V2 TP is the RIP Phenom 65 graphite shaft and the price is $600 but at that price TaylorMade throws in the shipping charges.

MONA - Theatre of the World

On Saturday we went to see the new exhibition out at MONA. It’s called Theatre of the World and it’s a collaboration between MONA, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the expertise of art curator, Jean Hubert Martin.

Mr Martin has managed to put together an exhibition that isn’t wanky, that doesn’t shock for the sake of shocking, that doesn’t try to teach us something, yet still leaves you feeling like you’ve seen something amazing.

The collection is superb. When you go, make sure you look at all the little things.  There is a beautiful hand blown glass vase in a cabinet made by an unknown sculptor at a glass factory in Tasmania that is just stunning. If you’re too busy looking at the Leger in the other corner you’ll miss it.

Highlights for me were the dogs watching the magnetic tape strip, the Kandinsky amongst the Tapa Cloths, the wealth of contemporary Australian art and the Max Ernst sculpture. Oh, and the skull made of insect shells and the Damian Hirst.

This exhibition is a great way to showcase some fantastic parts of TMAG’s collection that would probably remain in storage until the upgrade of their building has been done. Plus, it tidies up David Walsh’s collection into an accessible, art history student friendly, distinctly wonderful day out.

Plus, the nice beer and fancy cheese platter we indulged in afterwards went down a treat.

Next time, I think I’ll stay in one of the Pavilions!