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The Red Barn Review/Spoilers

Unfortunately I will never be able to see Elizabeth on stage performing ‘The Red Barn’ (They should consider taping it and releasing into cinemas). Therefore, I ended up buying the screenplay/book based off the play, here are my thoughts and revirew (contains spoilers)

Interesting: Mona’s character is described as “Thirty-Eight, very small, dark, sensual, weighs next to nothing” and you have Elizabeth who is nothing like that, kinda weird casting choice.

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The Red Barn


3 things loved about The Red Barn:

1. Red John lead.

LOVED this eppie. A win was a nice change from the never ending Red John keeps out smarting us sub-plot. This eppie was a fantastic way for the team to jump forward on the Red John case!!! We got to see where Red John most likely started out, his experimental phase and the link with visualize is just AWESOME.


THE JISBON WAS GLORIOUS!!!! Jane getting all jelly about Lisbon’s lunch date, always questioning her about it and his not so comfortable with that looks… FEEELS!!!!

Also again we got to see Jane letting Lisbon in again on things that he would show no one else. Bringing her into his attic and sharing with her his thought process…. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THEM RIGHT NOW.


and that is all if have to say on that.

Love this fandom.