Why I'm grateful for online friendships

So about a year ago I started to actually be active in my college programs Facebook group and that’s when oovoo sessions started happening more frequently. While on these video chats I got to know a select group of people who I became very close to in the months leading up to applications and acceptances. During my program I even lived with two of them.

Sadly though our group sort of…fizzled a bit when we all got here. We all found friends or other paths, still these people are very important to me. 

I am lucky to say I still am very very close to two of them. Ally and Ven. Ally and I met in our hometown area of San Francisco for the first time in person, Ven I had only spoken to online. 

When things in the program were difficult to me I would often message Ven and he would cheer me up; we talked about ROTG, our dreams of working with the company, anything really. 

Well he moved here about two weeks ago and we had planned on this big fancy meeting on Main Street (Because how awesome am I right?) but it didn’t work out. I admit I was somewhat starting to doubt us being able to actually be friends, I had been feeling insecure about some other relationships based on peoples movings, I feared the worse that Ven would find better people or our meeting would be a simple hello and then move on with only the memories of our tm33 to be…memories.

Then earlier this evening during my shift, during a part when I felt a little down actually, I saw my friend’s friend Josh who is roommates with Ven, Then to Josh’s right was him, it was Ven, in the flesh and blood!

I started to say his name, coughed and said it louder. He looked around and I said it again and he turned around. I could only smile and swallow the tears brimming my eyes. He skipped towards me, I was going to do the same but then remembered I had a pan and broom so I set them up and when I looked back up there he was, he took my hand bowed, I bowed back and he pulled me into the tightest, warmest, most welcoming real hug I’ve had in what feels like forever. I just stood there hugging him and it just felt so familiar even though this was our first meeting. 

We pulled apart and just smiled at each other and he said something that I still can’t help but tear up at 
he said, “This, this is real”

And then he introduced me to his friends and said they were off on a adventure. We hand-hugged and then parted ways and the rest of my night just felt amazing. Like he said this is real and he’s really my friend.

I am so happy, and oh so lucky.

Thank you Ven <3 I can’t wait till we spend more than 5 minutes in real time together