i think one of the biggest reasons mgs appeals to me is that in mgs literally everyone – save the like, ten year old girl – is a colossal fuck up in some way or another. everyone is a massive disappointment, everyone has done some really bad shit. so what makes you a good guy in mgs isn’t, like, that you’ve always been a good guy and you just gotta keep doing your good guy thing, it’s that you have to stop and forcibly reverse that inertia, have to stop and reexamine your life and actively make the decision to do things differently than you have been doing, than you were raised to do, than your parents and your family did. you gotta clean up your mess (and a bunch of other messes you weren’t and didn’t ask to be responsible for), and you gotta actively decide over and over to keep trying to fix what’s been broken. It’s not fair and it sucks but you do it anyway and that’s what makes you a good guy!!! That you try. 

GPP/Conditioning 7.29.15

Low Back Protocol, Limber 11


15 min 25# weighted chins: didn’t count exactly but between 95-100.
15 min plank holds


1 min warm up —directly after GPP
8 Wingates
5 min TM walk cool down


On duty. In the AM went to JBLM military base for a multi agency, multi company drill. Did large building search in full FF PPE as part of a large evolution. Only used 1500 PSI or so off my tank but got very sweaty of course. Loaded hose after of course as well.

GPP/Cond went fine. Very sweaty again. Lots of water cruising through me today.

Did yoga shiz before leaving for work and good thing because we left right away after getting on the rig this morning to head to that drill.

a-simple-note asked:

If you are doing commission just make a basic post about what you can do and what ur art cost. Give out an email or just get them to send an ask if they are interested. If you have a paypal, you can use that to have people pay for your artwork!

 i just get s o nervous about things like this