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Same anon from the oth ranking, can you explain why you thought s2 was the best? IMO the only good part was jeyton (which is hard too esp Bc I am Leyton af)

Absolutely! First let me thank you for appreciating the beauty that was Jeyton, even if they aren’t beloved to you. I think your love for Lucas/Peyton and their lack of interaction in S2 may have something to with why you don’t like it?

But! Here are the great things about S2:

-We get Jeyton
-We see Peyton Sawyer happy for the first time in the series, with a boy she doesn’t have to feel guilty for falling in love with.
-Brooke Davis evolution of character. No, we don’t get Clothes Over Bros quite yet, but she stops being a vapid/bitchy/stereotype cheerleader and becomes an independent, sweet, thoughtful, intelligent woman. We see her win SBP, she starts DWNotI, she decides she doesn’t want a boyfriend, she learns how to be friends with guys. She becomes the Brooke we all know and love.
- Brucas development. Brooke and Lucas become their own entity. They establish a real friendship the way Peyton and Lucas do in S1, and that does even more for Brooke’s character, by giving her a presence that isn’t the best friend, the girlfriend or the conflict for Leyton. We also see Lucas fall for Brooke, not because she’s “fun” and he can’t have Peyton, but for everything she really is- which is amazing, obviously. And because this show is mostly Lucas perspective, we learn about her like he does- slowly and much more in depth. To me, this is the season that makes Brucas great- not S3, where they are almost constantly in conflict (Except the Rain Scene TM, which is collectively one of the best scenes ever on the show, for all the couples). 
-Brooke/Peyton friendship. Best scenes between these two in this season. It’s something we don’t get much of in S1 and episode after episode we see both girls mutually being one another’s best confidant, something that was discussed in S1 but not proved, and something we don’t get a lot of in S3 because Peyton is a fucking mess and in S4 she once again falls in love with Lucas (not hating just the truth). 
-The Chris Keller storyline. Up until Haley leaves, there’s a lot of “Haley loving Nathan” but not a ton of “Nathan loving Haley”. The pain and suffering that Nathan goes through while he pines for her is SO WELL WRITTEN, and so realistic, with such incredible continuity, it literally makes your heart ache for him. ACHE.
-Dare Night (enough said).
- The introduction of Andy. Now I love Karen and Keith just as much as anyone, but I am a HUGE Andy fan. He is the first character that comes into the story that seems like an equal opponent to the antagonist (Dan) and he is so good to Karen and everyone in her world.
-THE SWITCH EPISODE. This is one of the best OTH episodes ever written, and another great example of Schwans genius. It’s also an example of where fan service actually works in a series. People wanted to see “what if” Lucas and Nathan switched places, but doing that gets sticky. How much do you recreate? And what would change? And how is your audience going to receive it? One wrong move, and things will blow up. Is Lucas gonna be married to Haley and undermine the Naley relationship? Will Nathan be with Brooke, who he has limited screen time with? Where does Peyton fit in? Etc etc. BUT- by putting Nathan in a coma and making the switch VIA HIS PERSPECTIVE, everything gets put into focus and Schwan was able to keep particular aspects of the show that he knew fans wouldn’t want to lose. So Nathan’s connection with Haley is still there and important parts of their real relationship are left in tact, Karen is still in love with Keith, Brooke is barely in the episode (which is so streamlined, because Nathan interacts with her least). NATHAN still gets into Highflyers, not Lucas, Deb is not a pill popper but at her very best self, Nathan and Peyton’s core friendship (that is actually strong AF) is still around, etc. And  the “replay of the one on one basketball game” is epic. Yea, Nathan wins this time because duh, it’s his comatose dream world, but he still quotes Lucas’  “This is for my mom” line, and the audience realizes that for all his hatred towards Lucas in S1, Nathan secretly respected TF out of him for that. It’s pretty brilliant.
-We get our only gay character/story arc about being gay, and although it’s not nearly enough for the series as a whole, and I’ll forever be disappointed that the only POC woman on the show was purely used for a gay storyline, it’s still fucking fantastic, from Peyton wearing a DYKE shirt, to her then taking that shirt off in front of the principal, to Brooke breaking up with Felix over it and what she says- it’s all pretty beautiful.
-Karen finally starting to come to terms with her feelings for Keith
-Lucas living with Dan and the hilarity that ensues via Karen because of it (taking all of Lucas’ stuff, calling Dan an ass in mediation with an ass of a suit and a stupid frat boy haircut)
-Deb mixing boiling water and syrup to throw on Dan
-Nathan and Deb reuniting
-Nathan realizing he has to let go of Haley (and the return of Dick!Nathan 2.0)   in order be happy, which flips the tables, perfectly setting up S3 Naley arc (You don’t know what you have until you lose it trope)
-Lucas being the best Lucas, on his own and legit a great friend to everyone in his life (and definitely at his best physically/wardrobe wise)
-The scene where Lucas walks in to tell Brooke how he feels and she’s kissing Felix
-Jake showing up right before Peyton buys drugs
-Movie night to help raise money for Nathan
-Drag races

-Did I mention JEYTON????

I’m sure there is more I am forgetting. So S3 may have been more explosive, but S2 was just so meticulously written in a way that developed the characters so well individually and gave each of them a real piece of the OTH world. You may not realize it, but S2 is probably where you really started to get attached to these characters, where you began to really feel connected to them, so that when shit hit the fan in S3 and even 4, you felt it ALOT more deeply.

Things I didn’t like about S2?

-Actor who plays Felix was a disgrace
-Maria Menudos is also a terrible actress
- Keith looking thirsty AF to be with a woman

-This seems particular, but the scene where Nathan says “you know there’s a girl in your heart man, and you gotta tell her how you feel” has always gotten under my skin! It was SO OOC for Nathan, so fucking random, so not something Nathan would say (Lucas would say that), obviously put in to move the plot along. I can’t even think of S2 and not cringe because of that scene!!! WTF was the director thinking?????

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Do you have any advice for would-be rogues who wish to flirt with the fairer sex? In character and/or in real life?

Ah, you came to the right place.

First, never refer to women as “the fairer sex”, it makes you sound like a Victorian time traveller, but without any of the excitement normally attached to time travel.

Second, remember when I said you came to the right place?

There is no right place. There is no right way. Women, strangely enough, are not a hive mind. We’re all different, with different tastes, priorities, turn-ons and turn-offs. The only thing you can do is approach each case individually, and figure out what this specific person might be interested in.

Go get'em, tiger.

Difference between Pokemon Uranium and Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn: Oh look, a TM! Gee golly when was the last time I found-psych up. Ah yes another useless TM for my collection.

Pokemon Uranium: Oh wow! A TM! I found Dark Pulse! Is that another TM?? GASP Rock Slide yes yes! Energy ball? No way!! Hey look-

Pokemon Reborn: Weird color shiny here, weird color shiny there, weird color shinies EVERYWHERE gotta catch them all!!