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m e m o r y.
a fanmix for ruby elizabeth daly.
i. jodie’s suite (beyond two souls ost)
ii. i’m so sorry (imagine dragons)
iii. heart shaped box (dead sara)
iv. can’t pretend (tom odell)
v. rip to my youth (the neighbourhood)
vi. ruby (twenty one pilots)
vii. retrograde (james blake)
viii. human (daughter)
ix. various storms and saints (f+tm)
x. arsonist’s lullaby (hozier)
xi. emperor (wilsen)

“we’re just friends“ ♡ a high school lucaya au

high school lucaya au - (chronologizes their relationship) it’s junior year, maya and lucas’ relationship never went to the next level after texas. all they’ve been is friends, but one drunken night at a party changes everything they thought about each other. they continue their physical relationship, not realizing the feelings that would evolve from it.

i. dropped - pp // ii. the curse of curves - ciwwaf // iii. lying is the most fun - p!atd // iv. stay the night - zedd ft. hw // v. hands to myself - sg // vi. dirty little secret - aar // vii. she (for liz) - parachute // viii. do i wanna know? - am // ix. hardest of hearts - f+tm // x. kiss me - es // xi. lessons in love - nt // xii. i want you to know - zedd ft. sg // xiii. adore - paramore

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Porthos Week » day five

One For All: A day dedicated to Porthos showing his loyalty and appreciation for his friends and found family.