tm martial arts


After 10 weeks of training I had my final testing in my COBRA Self Defense Academy last night, and I am so proud to say I passed! 

The testing was very challenging on a mental and physical level and to be quite honest I can remember most of it but also it feels like a blur at the same time.  I am told I did very well and I know I never gave up or stopped trying that’s for sure.

I think my favorite moment of the entire thing was just after I finished and Master Harrison shook my hand and told me “Great Job” with a complete sense of pride in me and what I have accomplished.  I’ve never felt so good!!!

I highly recommend that if you have a studio in your area that offers the COBRA system you should step outside your comfort zone and take the course - as you never know it could save you one day.

And if your in the Joliet IL area - then definitely get in touch with TM Martial Arts and ask about the next Academy starting up soon! 

This morning I got up - sore for sure - and went to lower body resistance training more to help me loosen up than for the strength training elements of it.  And now I am ready to enjoy sitting at my desk here at work today - to give my body a well deserved rest.  Seriously so pleased with myself right now!!!