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The Straights™: *struggles to come up with any theories for 4 seasons*
Flint: *gets a happy, gay ending*
The Straights™: “Uhm, actually he died?” *comes up with a really complicated theory how Silver actually murdered him because they’d rather see a queer character dead than happy*

Auri is just a black girl with Albinism. I don’t make the rules, these are just straight up facts.

its sort of scary how accurately i can spot aphobes jst from how posts are worded

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Alice's main things seem to be vanity, Sadness(TM), and romantic subplots/general flirtiness. I'm guessing this means the 3D toons are confined to their in-show roles and Joey's a hack who can't write female characters lol

No one writing for woman in rubberhose cartoons would write them well honstly - they were almost always either sexualized/flirty (and almost always human even if the males weren’t), Sassy ™, or portrayed as being hot as hell.

So if ‘cishet’ aces just went back in the closet and called ourselves “straight allies” would we actually be accepted or would we still be distrusted for being straights pretending to be gay pretending to be straight or some bullshit? Asking for a friend.

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For the artist trademark thing, idk if this makes sense, but for me it's the head? Like, not even just the face (though that's a big part of it too), but the way you draw people's heads is very distinctive to me and I can tell right away that it's ur art style? Idk how to explain, I'm sorry X'D

whOA REALLY??? ? ?? OHMYGOD i’ve always thought that my heads are way too similar to each other cuz i never rlly go out of my way to have distinct head shapes??? i used to before with hamilton but its useless with villainous now since only dem has like–an actual human face–bUT OHMYGOD AAAA 

i srsly have never heard someone say my trademark is how i draw heads :000 so this is a surprise HAHAH and you explained well, mark, donchu worry PAPS !

thanks for this :’D

are u sure its not cuz u see my art everyday? HHAHAHHA

what’s my artist trademark?