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The Straights™: *struggles to come up with any theories for 4 seasons*
Flint: *gets a happy, gay ending*
The Straights™: “Uhm, actually he died?” *comes up with a really complicated theory how Silver actually murdered him because they’d rather see a queer character dead than happy*

its sort of scary how accurately i can spot aphobes jst from how posts are worded

So if ‘cishet’ aces just went back in the closet and called ourselves “straight allies” would we actually be accepted or would we still be distrusted for being straights pretending to be gay pretending to be straight or some bullshit? Asking for a friend.

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Your thing is all Dad Might, and also BNHA in general! (tm stands for trademark btw. It more or less means a title/name/concept for something belongs to someone I think)

Thanks novelist, for the explanation as well as the nice brand you gave me there! I’m all here for having Dad Might as my brand. Dad Might is best Might! =D

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Chapitre 71 - What Must Be Done Now

In which I don’t even have anything fancy to say I just love this world so much. 

Mechanic husbands have their work cut out for them, that’s for sure.

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Is binding dangerous? Some genderist said the dangerous of binding (not counting ace bandages) are just made up by """"""cis""""""""""""" people to discourage Trans men.

Whoever’s saying that is full of shit. I personally stopped binding 2 years ago and still get chest pains and have trouble breathing. If I do bind, I get horrible pain like I’m being stabbed or like I have bricks on my chest for the next week even if it had only been for 4h. I went to a physio for an unrelated issue and they were very confused that I had bent my rib cage and was breathing with the wrong muscles and as a result had a decreased lung volume.

I know that other ppl who bind break ribs, bruise their ribs, deform their breast tissue and other things along that line.

My advice is:
1) bind as little as possible (time)
2) bind as loosely as possible (shop one size bigger than you think you need, they’re designed to fit tightly)
3) only wear binders designed for TM (GC2B has the least constrictive shape for breathing)
4) wear layers instead of binding whenever possible

Whenever you hear anything about the health of TM from the general trans community, check with multiple TM directly to confirm it.
Hope this helps a bit 💕