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imagine being blocked by a fic rec blog bc you’re defending the soft sides of your bias 😥😂

i guess the level of my toxicity™ just got elevated im so proud of myself


My Hero Academia - Shigaraki’s Quirk

Cross Marian #5 Anime vs. Manga


This is basically a rundown of the DGM anime, covering how TMS Entertainment villainized Cross Marian in the anime. 

Cross has this rep. as an inhuman psychopath, which is more suiting reputation for Winters Sokaro. 

I can only guess the anime is responsible for 70% of this. The other 30% may just be people who read the manga, but lack reading comprehension. This covers the former. All my other writings on Cross cover the latter. lol Please, check those out as well -all located in my blog.

Screenshots and manga panels are used to illustrate differences. Updated with Hallow as well. So lets begin. Hope you enjoy the read.

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Can you do an imagine where happy and the reader are like, on the beanbag in the clubhouse after buying it, and they're both high af watching doggo memes. Happy is is giggling when chibs is like 'tf's that??' and happy is like 'sitsit' and they just cuddle and watch stuff in a chibs/happy sandwich after a long day of working at TM

Added to the list, it will be named “Chillout session” 😄

I want to reserve my judgment until the last eps air, but for now this whole transcendence thing is not sitting well with me. Correct me if I am wrong, but when Harold hears TM as Root in the end, he asks if it is indeed Root, and TM answers that it is not – TM just chose Roots voice. The creators want to make us believe that Root and TM are one, but right now it just seems like TM is still separate from Root and is just “honoring” her by using her voice.

 I love the idea of a symbiosis between TM and Root and I am not against the two becoming one. But didn’t they kind of already do that by having human Root be the physical interface of TM? The two were learning from one another – TM teaching Root how to value human life, and Root, through her physical interactions (her love for Shaw and the rest of team machine), adding to TMs knowledge of what makes us human. So, there was a beautifully established symbiosis already in play. I know the season was cut short and there were all these issues with the “cancellation” but it would have been a pleasure to see more of human Root and her human interactions before her death. 

Either way, the creators obviously wanted to have this ultimate symbiosis happen through Roots death, but with the way its been portrayed so far it doesn’t seem like a symbiosis at all. For a mutualistic symbiosis to work you need to have both entities alive and benefitting in some form. Like others have said if Roots consciousness was uploaded into TM it would work, it would still be some “living” part of Root interacting with TM (her consciousness or her spirit or what have you). But, from what the creators are implicating, at least from 5X10, TM was able to take on a more human form, not by living with Root but by using her for its benefit and she just ends up being dead (basically a kind of parasitism). That just doesn’t float well with me and I wish that the symbiosis was going to be portrayed as more of a mutualism (machine working with human, or at least the consciousness of a human who lived and learned from the physical world).  

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