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hi! i rly need ur help. some time ago (like a week maybe?) i saw this overwatch fanart that i liked and then stupidly didn't like or reblog. i'm like 90 % it was on ur blog, but i can't find it! it was just a funny little comic about young hanzo and mccree doin it and then dads gabriel and jack burst in bc they thought it was an intruder. also sombra was there?? she was mccree's sister?? pls help i need it

this is literally the only thing i can think of that matches close to what your saying? i dont think ive seen the one with sombra like your talking about sorry


Then he helps her onto the horse, and she rides away with him to a faraway place, until they can no longer be seen. 
These are only rumours, of course, and make little more than a tale to tell around the fire. But it is told. And thus they live on.