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Your 9-5 Au, or simply put for my terms Business Firm AU. I am guessing his Firm is called Stanco? And Soos is a white collar who Stanley trusts more. Wendy is so the front desk receptionist who keeps guests and calls waiting. I wonder how Dipper and Mabel fit in? Maybe running around the office building and creating chaos? But more importantly how will Stanford fit in...

I think it was like

“…later renamed Stan Co LLC!”

I like all these ideas, anon…do go on, send me more

Ford…worked as a corporate attorney for Fiddleford’s technology company?And he signed a contract with Bill but didn’t consider all the legal ramifications of demonic possession, so after he got pushed into the portal Bill chases him around forum shopping other dimensions trying to get the contract enforced to his benefit. Ford gets 12…LLMs in the multiverse and can practice things like baby law and “Maw” now?

Then when he and Stan reconcile they both practice maritime law from their office on the Stan o’ War II. A childhood dream come true 

I dunno, I’m not a lawyer, very obviously yeesh


This week’s rewatch episode is one that I love dearly and appreciate given the tumultuous events amid which it appeared back in Season 5. It’s definitely one of my top 5 TM episodes ever. It reveals so much about how Jane first integrated into the team, how he and Lisbon tried to establish a dialogue (well, maybe Jane tried more than Lisbon at first), and how Lisbon’s reluctance to see him as a team member grew into an appreciation of his mentalist skills and a desire to help. I love it that we were given an opportunity to see how Jane and Lisbon met, because them being strangers induces honesty and frankness, and shows where each of them stands at the dawn of their journey together.

Jane is so poignantly and painfully vulnerable in this episode, and he gets a challenge he doesn’t expect instead of the usual tiptoeing and avoiding attitude. He takes it, and later he realizes someone needs him, even if only professionally for the moment. He sees a woman that is not so easy to convince, that has intelligence and firmness and is an excellent professional. She’s skeptical of him being around too, and she’s not going to make things easy for him. And despite all that, she’s attentive, and she knows how to listen to people. She’s seen a lot of suffering and that made her strong but not callous. She is open and straightforward and her words don’t seem to leave Jane indifferent. He didn’t expect that either, and he understands he’ll have to work on himself to work with her. He hasn’t done that in a lot of time. What Lisbon does for him is not a condescension or a favor but stretching out a helping hand, and touching the strings in him that resound and let him know he isn’t dead, and that he still, surprisingly, has needs, and ambitions, that he can still feel, be moved and even want someone to care and treat him as equal. And Lisbon’s opinion suddenly matters.

Season 5 of Dawson’s Creek? Or the Twilight Zone, Boston Edition?

1: Joey has an affair with her Professor???? And then magically forgets how in love she was with Pacey just a few short months ago and thinks it’s totally fine- great even! That Pacey and her roommate date and have lots and lots of sex. She also somehow has learned how to become a blackbelt in Karate. 

2: Pacey forgets how in love he was with Joey just a few short months ago and decides it’s totally fine- great even! To date Joey’s roommate and have lots and lots of sex (but only after becoming a borderline misogynistic man slut who sleeps with everything that moves without even knowing their name). Oh, and also finds it completely and totally acceptable- great even! That Joey runs straight into the arms of Dawson after breaking up with him. 

3: Dawson turns into Void!Dawson and forgets the past four years of pining after Joey and decides he feels absolutely nothing for her. He also, somehow becomes….less whiny and annoying? Likable even? Also, no longer a virgin??????

4: Jack think’s it’s a good idea to morph into an alcoholic douchey frat boy college drop out and completely forgets that Jen is Queen/The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Him TM.

5: Jen decides that- actually, never mind. Jen is still a Queen in every single type of way who only get’s better and better each and every episode from now until the end of her time.