Brixton market, London by johndouglassgoring2
Via Flickr:
Film hp5 camera yashica24 TLR 43920005.jpg

Remnants of the past. No, I don’t mean the Mercedes.

The Kalloflex K2 TLR camera with which I took this picture was manufactured in Japan during the 50s. It was an attempt to compete with Rolleiflex supplying a sophisticated tool to the Japanese press corps.  An attempt that was successful on the technical level, but failed marketing-wise. I had it fully inspected by a certified Hasselblad and Rollei technician and the guy said: “You’ve got a Mercedes from the 70′s - designed to drive for a million kilometres and in an excellent condition too. It will last you a lifetime.

Sadly what did not work, was the marketing. Kalloflex was positioned price-wise above many Rollei knock-offs and me-toos of the period, but just under the Rolleiflex and above Rolleicord. Despite its technical superiority in many respects, the power of the Rollei brand was too big and this model disappeared with the end of the 50s decade.