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blue rack of rags par oliver rockwell
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@ guangzhou 广州, guangdong 广东, china 中国


bikes by Steve
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Rolleiflex Standard ( model 621) Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 1:3,8 f=7,5cm Kodak Portra 160 Epson GT-X970 170126


Three different angles of my latest firearm. Saiga 12 that I’ve had for quite awhile in sporter configuration is now converted! ALG trigger, custom hand guard, BCM keymod, MD Arms 20 round drum, 10 round AGP Mags, Streamlight TLR-1 HL-X, and magpul furniture

Snow shoeing up in the mountains with @alaskamauve and with a #P&SSpecial / #fauxlandspecial Glock 19.

The Roland Special is very popular and is a very specific build… by a now retired Army commando “Roland”.  ATEi offers complete builds for Roland builds, and lots of people have been making clones.  The main things you want are.

1.  Mounted RMR:  You are freed from iron sights’ sight radius… accuracy unlocked.
2.  Full size Weapon Mounted Light (X300 or TLR-1 preferred).  Being able to see and ID things at night is smart.  Helps control recoil thanks to weight.
3.  Match grade threaded barrel and comp.  Increased accuracy is nice, and the comp reduces recoil to make dot tracking easy.  The comp’s side benefit is that it keeps carbon off of the weapon mount light’s aperture.
4. Conceal Carry Mag Well:  Low profile mag wells work great to funnel fingers on the larger hands, and aid in grip/control is less than ideal situations, while speeding up reloads. 

Picked up another G19 and i’ll keep it stock for a bit to have it act a foil to the tuned up ones I got! 


bai bonds par oliver rockwell
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@ caicun 才村, dali 大理, yunnan 云南, china 中国


glare sentimental flare par oliver rockwell
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@ dali 大理, yunnan 云南, china 中国

PWS MK111 Mod 2
MVB ARC stock
AIMPOINT T-2 on American Defense mount
STREAMLIGHT TLR-1 HL with pressure pad
BCM grip

Once I get that ZEV trigger from PWS my rifle will be complete!