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TLoU Thoughts: A Bestselling Series

“The Clickers in Survivor Mode Hear EVERYTHING, and It’s Making Me Paranoid”- A novel by me

“I Meant to Throw That Brick/Bottle Several Yards Away to Distract My Enemy, But My Aiming Shifted and it Hit the Obstacle I’m Using as Cover, So Now I’m Fucked”- The captivating sequel

“Bill Gets to Stomp Around Like the Tyrannosaurus From Jurassic Park, But the Second I Step on a Twig, I’ve Got Eight Infected Chomping on my Ass”- An award-winning trilogy

“I Really Should Stealth My Way Through the Clicker Graveyard to Conserve Supplies, But I’m Really Impatient So There Goes Three Molotovs and Half My Ammo" - Now it’s a saga

“The Generator in the Hotel Basement is the Bane of My Existence, And Every Time I Press Triangle to Start it Up, A Part of My Soul Dies”- The thrilling fifth installment

“I’m Too Scared to Stab David a Second Time and Initiate His Third Phase, So I’m Just Going to Keep Crouching Around for Fifteen Minutes While I Work Up the Courage”- The pathetic sixth installment

“I Beat the Game, And Now I’ve Dropped the Controller and am Just Sitting Here Crying Profusely as I Contemplate Life”- The heart-wrenching final book