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Rick and Morty - The Last of Us Reality 

Lol, Imma label this a reality cause in RnM they mention unlimited REALITIES. But feel free to still call it an AU. Recreation of a small dialogue exchange between Joel and Ellie during Ellie’s first trip through the forest. Morty’s just trying to enjoy his first fireflies, let him be!

Small note for those who don’t know The Last of Us well; There’s an organization fighting against the government called “The Fireflies” and that’s why Morty says “real” Fireflies.


Going against my better judgment I trusted her …and I still trust her now.

She hasn’t broken her promise to me yet and Ellie’s totally convinced that she never will. I still have my own doubts and I know that any day could be our last one together, but until that day I’m…I’m glad I still have her

This is something I picked up on and I’m just saying, about this Easter egg from uncharted 4, my money is on that being Ellie’s mother, Anna, when she was pregnant with Ellie. Especially with the rumours of the second game being a prequel. I don’t know if they’re making this into an actual comic to match the other comic ‘American Dreams’ or it’s a teaser for the next game or something else, but I’m sure we’ll find out in a few days at E3. I just thought I’d share.

I’m so worried for Ellie. Not for what’s gonna happen to her but for who she became.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to see my baby grew up as a badass woman, but… she’s so full of rage, hate. I know there’s a more than valid reason for that (even tho we don’t know it yet), but is there still the same girl who loved making dumb jokes in the middle of the apocalypse?
I’m just so afraid I’m not gonna see her smile again.

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