What she says: I’m fine

What she means: It is no mistake that in the reveal trailer for The Last of Us: Part II Joel was portrayed as a fading figure: faceless and distant. No, I don’t believe the story is about Joel’s death. However, I do believe that his death may play a significant role in the story. In The Last of Us, Joel loses his humanity with the loss of his daughter, Sarah. When he meets Ellie he not only saw the humanity within himself resurface, but he also found his purpose to survive “to the edge of the universe and back.” What if Joel thinks he loses Ellie in Part II? He would be losing his daughter for the second time. He would be losing his purpose and humanity. Even worse, what if he believed it was his fault? That aside we know that the story is going to be played from Ellie’s perspective, so we know she won’t die; which is why I’m concerned. If Ellie is alive, and Joel is dead, why is Joel dead, and why is Ellie so angry. Is she angry at someone else? Is she angry at herself? Rather than love being the fuel and the purpose to continue this story, it’s hate. Is she fighting the world because it’s taken everything from her, or is she fighting the world to save what it has taken? Is it the loss of someone she loved that fuels Ellie’s rage, or the loss of herself? Who is it that Ellie is really fighting for?