Chris Colfer on ‘Land of Stories,’ ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ 

Many know Chris Colfer for his Golden Globe-winning role as Kurt Hummel on the hit TV musical series “Glee,” but you may not know he is also a New York Times best-selling author! Now the actor is out with the fifth installment in his “Land of Stories” series, “An Author’s Odyssey.” He says his kids are his harshest critics: “They have no filter whatsoever; if they don’t like a sentence they will tell you right to your face.”


Highlights of tonight:
-Chris opening with a reference to Glee, saying he needs to stop making it a habit to be in high school auditoriums in Ohio
-“It takes at least two men to do anything a woman can do alone”
-Chris saying to a room full of small children that if he was in the Harry Potter universe, he’d spend all of his time getting drunk with McGonagall
-“What does your shirt say?” “If you’re reading this shirt, that means Glee is over and so is my life” “AWWW! I promise there’s a lot to look forward to!”
-Chris not being able to stop laughing at the adorably enthusiastic little girl who won the costume contest
-Chris comparing himself to a chubby unicorn
-Chris saying “Hi Mackenzie!” before answering my question
-Chris’s overall randomness (apparently hotels in Columbus are haunted)

I grew up watching this guy on Glee, so in a weird way we kinda grew up together. I’m so happy I got to be there tonight, watching him in his element.