The worst thing one person can do to another is to reduce their identity to being only half of something. When someone is treated as half of or less than half of one identity, they’re not being treated as human at all. Everyone should have the right to individuality.
—  The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning, by Chris Colfer

Friday marks the final episode of Fox’s musical phenomenon Glee. Chris Colfer, who has played Kurt for all six years of the series, was right out of high school when the show first began. Kurt and his on-again/off-again boyfriend/now-husband Blaine (Darren Criss) became pop culture icons with their groundbreaking gay romance. On the eve of the finale, EW talked to Colfer about Glee’s roller-coaster ride and what he’ll remember the most.

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“I tear up after the completion of my own novels as well. It just takes me back to when I was in elementary school and my parents got called into meetings with teachers because I wasn’t reading and writing at the level I should have been. I’m not sure if I’ve improved since then, but at least I’m writing books now.” *


this is the drawing i gave to chris, he said the sweetest things about it! it’s the main characters from tlos: the wishing spell.

chris really reacted to it, he exclaimed “oh my god!” so many times!! he told me he loved it and said he would keep looking at it on the plane, i was so happy!! he told me he had never seen one with that many characters and i just rambled out “thank you” and “you’re welcome”