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Three more days. That’s what Sven always told me. When you think you’re at the end of your rope, give it three more days. And then another three. Sometimes, you’ll find the rope is longer than you thought
—  The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson

what I need is an appropriate 90s/00s teen rom com title for book two

suggestions welcome

barebones synopsis- adopted gay teen accidentally asks dude coming off a three year relationship to prom, and has to fake date him to a) get his sister off his butt about never kissing a boy, and b) let this dude save face for being publicly dumped by his girlfriend in the school parking lot. Shenanigans ensue.

Happy birthday to...

I want to take you back to this day, February 17th, 2011. I, a mere child, was sitting in my AP Language and Composition class at 7:45 in the morning, and I had an idea. 

That idea shifted a lot over the past six years. I consistently maintain that the only detail that has never changed is Liam’s birthday, year inclusive. Some things have changed more than others (the setting used to be a boarding school rather than the island nation that gives the series its name; Rowan didn’t have parents; Em wasn’t an O’Dea) but some things have been weirdly consistent (their Enlightenments; the eventual canon ships (but hey just because I know, you do you, ship whoever you want, just tell me because I’m dead curious)). 

The most prominent consistency is the core group of characters - Callie, Kaya, Liam, and Sam. The four of them have been narrators since the beginning of draft one. (There were two other narrators in the first version, Stella-Maria d’Angelou and Cameron Johnson - both of whom you’ll notice no longer exist.) 

A lot of things have happened in the past six years, both to the book and to me (I acquired an entire university degree?). I’ve re-written this book, from scratch, 17 times for a grand total of well over 1,700,000 words. But this is the first version I’ve shared with an audience. And in deference to that, although book two is not done yet, the prologue chapter is available below…

Lucittia (Book Two): The Immortal Woman

(Warning: There are very serious spoilers for the end of book one in this prologue. Proceed with caution) 

My beta reader is going through my second book right now and she just sent me a message last night that she’s halfway through and it’s so amazing that she’s not sure what she’s going to put in the critique letter yet.

That’s like, such a big deal, because I worked my ASS off on this book over and over and over again. Tweaking and poking and prodding. I remember being unable to finish the draft and needing to print it and spread my chapters out all over my living room floor because I was so frustrated. From the sounds of it, all the hard work is paying off! I might not be totally done yet, but it’s such a relief to get some positive feedback on it!

Endless Summer: Book Two, Ch. 1

So I’m not going to lie… this was a BOMB opening chapter, yet it managed to somehow scare the shit out of me during the entire Rourke museum scene…


Chapter 19: Episode 9

           In just a few minutes, I’d gone from completely numb, to feeling the dull throb of sensation in my hands again. My toes curled against the floor as his hands moved over my calves, making a light friction to warm the skin. I wondered how he knew to do that. He always seemed so lost, so forgotten… Now he’s taking care of me. When did he learn all that?

           “You need a drink,” he said, halfheartedly. “In more ways than one.”

           I slid my eyes off to the side. I almost wanted to do it. I would have, if he’d offered, but he didn’t. Maybe he knew that, too. “Were you asleep?” I asked him quietly.

           He paused in his motions for just a moment. “I was. But it doesn’t matter.”

           “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you. I didn’t know it was so late.”

           “Where were you, Laney?”

           “I don’t know,” I said honestly. “Out, I guess.” He made a snorting noise, continuing to rub my leg and I bit my lip. “I’m sorry.”

           “Don’t apologize,” he said and I reached out, touching my fingers to his cheek, guiding his face up to mine.

           “I mean it,” I said. “Please accept it. I need someone to accept it. I have to say sorry. I’ve done so much wrong.”

           “You?” He asked.

           “Yes,” I whispered. “I’m not perfect, Klein. I never was.”

           His eyes lowered, settling on my lips, and I felt this heat rising in my chest. “Sorry to sow the seeds of discord, but I have to disagree.”

           “You’re wrong.” My voice was so low now, that I could hardly hear it, but it seemed to be loud enough for him. Or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe that’s why he was moving closer. “I’m really sorry. I don’t know why I came here.”

           His words were like a breath, almost silent, moving. “Yes you do.”

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Which SJM pairing has the closest resemblance to your coupld ; )

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Okay … so … SJM’s relationships are not ones I’ve tried to emulate in my own writing (and both books were written before I read any SJM so she wasn’t an influence anyway). But even if I had to pick, it would be a bit spoilery to say (not just for Book Two, but definitely for Book Three). I’ll take a pass on this one!