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LOK: The Last Stand DVD Commentary

Alright here we go! Mike and Bryan’s words on the Korrasami ending from the last episode.

Special note: This was recorded the day after they mixed the episode

The Last Scene

BK: I like to imagine that Asami lied about Varrick wanting that suit just to get Tenzin out of there. She’s got this sly little look on her face. She’s like, “Yeah, that’ll buy me some time." 

JDS: Tenzin’s now going, "What? Where is he?”

BK: So Asami’s had a pretty rough week or so.

MD: A couple weeks. 

BK: So yeah this, Mike and I worked on this scene together and I really wanted to have…I just loved their story, how they started, you know kinda fought over Mako but what was cool was that they never took it out on each other and this beautiful relationship developed out of it. 

MD: Yeah and we wanted them to start off friends and have that friendship develop into maybe something a little more.

BK: Into love.

MD: Yes. 

BK: I always remember Asami’s not the bender so sometimes she wouldn’t be in the crazy action scenes so she never got to go to the spirit world. A beautiful way for them to go together…live happily ever after…the end.

Just think about it

Korra lost her bending in Book One. Katara tried everything she could, but she wasn’t able to restore Korra’s connection to the elements. The master healer was everyone’s last resort, so it seemed no one would be able to help Korra—until Aang showed up. He told her the importance and significance of what she was going through, gave her back her bending, and Korra was able to go into the Avatar for the first time.

At the beginning of Book Four, Korra is seen struggling with PTSD, and she couldn’t even walk. Her connection to her past lives was severed, and no one was able to help her take that first step to heal—no one, that is, except Katara. She was patient and understanding, and played a big part in both Korra’s physical and emotional recovery.

Katara and Aang have both helped pull Korra up from her lowest points in her life, doing what the other cannot. They are
both very minor characters in LoK, but their impact on Korra, roles in her life, and contribution to her development are without a doubt invaluable.

Now that we’re talking about shipping.. all 4 of us in this room, we’re too old for that. Not that we’re better than it, it just doesn’t relate to us. People have to explain it to us. When I watch TV shows, that’s not how I interact with them. I’m not saying it’s wrong; I don’t think about these characters getting together if the story’s not going that way. But, I found myself shipping Mako with the operator woman that he’s sitting next to during the evacuation. He’s like totally bombing, but I kinda think she’s like ‘that’s kinda cute.’ He’s like oblivious. He probably went back and he just called the operator.
—  Bryan Konietzko, Commentary on “Korra Alone”

Oh, Mako.

Where do I even start.  This episode may have broken my heart, but I guess I can understand why the writer’s did what they did.  It says a lot for Mako’s characterization, and even if it makes us shed tears….Mako just wants to be needed.

Bolin has left him, moving out, fighting with him about Varrick because for the first time he’s the one making the money, he’s loved and adored and not in Mako’s shadow.  So, Bolin doesn’t want to hear that Varrick is a bad guy, and I think Mako sees him as his naive little brother, and so that’s why he doesn’t push the matter more than he did.

In regards to Korra, well, it’s been a week and he hasn’t heard from her.  He has no way of knowing that she’s washed up on an island without her memories and meeting the first Avatar.  It’s not like Desna and Eska swung by Republic City to go, “Hey guys, btw, Korra got eaten by a dark spirit.  See ya!”

Mako is stubborn, and he is the type of person that needs to be needed.  He needs to fix people’s problems, and since he can’t fix Korra’s anymore, he’s going to fix Republic City’s.  Because even after the interrogation room scene, he’s still in his uniform.  He’s still doing his job. The same job that lost him the person he loved.

And at first, he probably hoped that Korra would cool down, she’d come back and they’d both be stubborn but finally make up.  But it’s been a week and no one has seen Korra at all.  So, Asami is there, needing to be protected.

And Mako is the guy that needs to be the protector, the savior, the one that can fix the problems.  He can’t do it for his brother anymore, Korra isn’t there, and Republic City doesn’t want to listen to him.

But maybe Asami would, given time.

So, while I dislike the kiss between them, I can understand where it comes from on Mako’s end (who the hell knows why Asami is still pursuing him though).

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen anyone talk about the scene between Mako and Korra in regards to watching Mako. Granted, I’m not on the dash too much, but gah. LOOK AT THAT FACE.

I know that Mako is notorious for receiving a lot of negativity in the Avatar fandom which makes me sad. I know that both sides have validity to their opinions, but it just makes me sad in general. Call me a hopeless romantic and a simple fangirl, but I do love Mako’s extremely flawed character development. He’s very real to me regardless of what I read on Tumblr. Now, actually moving onto this picture. LOOK AT THAT FACE. Please look at it and tell me you don’t feel sorry for him.

I know that Korra’s got some adversity coming to her and she really does have to face it, but all the other characters have got their tribulations. Mako has to deal with being a “man of the law” and supporting Korra’s decisions. You know that he loves Korra and there’s been a lot of friction between the two of them. They didn’t start out on the right foot, but they managed to push their differences aside and fall in love with one another. As Janet Varney said in a recent interview, they’re a high-powered couple. More so, they’re a short-tempered couple as well. Mako has tried his best to not let his opinion or decisions get in the way of Korra’s decisions. I’m sure that she was frustrated that he wouldn’t give her an opinion in the first episode of what she should do and now he’s caused a rift by revealing her decisions.

Mako’s face makes me really sad because he keeps looking back and forth between Korra and averting his gaze. What’s more saddening is that he’s clearly upset and stressed beyond belief. He’s found a calling that allows him to be the complete opposite of what he used to be when he was younger. He’s a man of the law as President Raiko has put it and that President is the cause of his troubles. We can tell that he’s up to no good. You can tell by the way he manipulated Mako into stopping him at that very last second. He played on Mako’s good intentions and his commitment to his post. And it obviously sucks that he had to hurt Korra in the process of following the law.

Now what is disheartening is the look of his eyes. His eyebrows are furrowed. His gaze is averted. And he has lines and bags under his eyes. No doubt from guilt, pain, and stress. He just ratted out his girlfriend to the President - the one person that has stopped Korra from trying to save her family and her people. That stings. And I do feel sorry for Mako because he was put in a painful, compromising position. You know what else? I think he’s been awake a lot, trying to figure out the truth behind the attack. It’s obvious that there’s some FUNNY business going on and like a true officer, he’s trying to figure out the truth. It’s just so hard that he had to involve Korra.

And akin to Korra’s crying on the speedboat, I think he feels the same anguish.

So i want to talk about the fact that Lin Beifong, the badass that she is, seemingly acted irrational in “the Sting”.  Personally, I feel like how she acted was not intentionally to make Mako “look” good, but because she’s the chief of police, and Mako barged into her interrogation room and starting spouting off theories in front of civilians, maybe even civilians she was starting to suspect.  While Mako trusted Varrick and Asami, Beifong may not have, and to have acted concerned and talked to Mako about his detective work in front of them would have just been stupid.

Again, Mako is a rookie cop, something Beifong pointed out.  As a rookie, maybe he wasn’t thinking about that, personally, I feel like he trusted Varrick too much to think badly of him because he was helping Asami.  Beifong has been around the block, she knows how to be a detective and how to run her squad.  

So, why doesn’t this come off in the episode?  Well, I personally feel like that’s what the dialogue was trying to get across, but maybe if it had been Studio Mir animating Beifong’s expression and not Studio Perriot with it’s 20 frames of still motion (it makes me cringe inside when I make gifs, okay), we might have gotten some of that body language from Lin.

So, yeah, maybe Bryke didn’t think this far into it, but I’d like to think they did. Because they do respect their characters, and they wouldn’t personally pull Beifong down to make Mako look good.  Mako was just being a rookie cop.  He made a mistake and Lin was trying to salvage what she could from the situation.  Maybe we’ll see later something with Beifong explaining that, maybe not, but this seems more of a rational explanation than that Bryke brought Lin down to make Mako look good.

anonymous asked:

i know theres 2 ppl who run this blog but im confused, is this the same person who is very excited about makorra? just wondering. (btw is there any way if it is a different person doing gifs and answering this q, can you ladies like sign your initial? lol like -a -b

We both ship Makorra like OTP4LIFE.  But if you’re wondering who the last ask about Mako was written by, it was Seo. XD  But I’ll get into it a little more because I agree.  My shipper heart was slightly unsatisfied with the Makorra interaction because Mako’s doing the whole silent support thing.

Unlike last episode where Asami tried to strength Korra’s spirit in herself, Mako just kind of sat back, saying he was there for her through anything, but I assume he felt at a loss as to what to do for her.  I think it may be that when Mako looks at Korra, he sees this beautiful, strong, fierce girl that can do absolutely anything, but when Korra looks at herself, she doesn’t.

I think, Mako doesn’t understand Korra’s self-esteem issues because in his mind, she’s pretty close to perfection.  Asami, meanwhile, has felt her whole life fall apart like Korra did when her dad betrayed her, Varrick betrayed her, etc., so she can connect to her on that level.  It’s why I really liked the last episode where they were talking (even though I totally wished Mako could have supported Korra, too, in that respect).

So, sorry if that wasn’t why you asked the question, and I totally went on a long spiel.  But we can definitely try to remember to put who answers what on these things. <3