tlok 2.01


BK: Mike and I are big fans of Park-Parks and-Is it Parks and Rec? Now that I’m being recorded, I can’t remember. Parks and Rec if you’re in the know. And Aubrey Plaza is a hilarious actress who kind of reminds us - once we got to know her through recording, of Katie Matilla, our writing assistant. They have a similar humor - the deadpan style. She’s really fun. She does the voice of Eska. Brought a lot of-Basically executed it exactly like we thought. And it was funny when Mike and I met her, she didn’t know anything about the show I don’t think or Avatar. And she was like, “What does this show look like?” She had no idea even if it was 3D or 2D or super cartoony. And we took her back to one of the offices and showed her the design of Eska and she goes, “Oh. That’s exactly what I thought it would look like.” I was left completely confused.

-TLOK 2.01 with Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, Joaquim dos Santos, & Tim Hedrick