frostbite883 asked:

What do you think would happen if Mr. (Hiroshi) Sato died instead of Mrs. (Yasuko) Sato? How would that in turn effect the Avatar Universe?

Well, this idea has been explored in fanfiction before, but I mostly  see Asami turning into an Equalist in those, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, lol.

Taking her becoming an Equalist out of the equation, it wouldn’t change too much I think, unless Yasuko took Hiroshi’s place in the story and became an Equalist, then I don’t think much would have changed. Of course we know jack-diddly-do-da about Yasuko, so no one can say for sure.

But, if we’re talking about neither Asami nor Yasuko becoming Equalists, then honestly, I’m not sure. It would certainly affect Asami’s story within the show, that’s for sure, since her whole story pretty much revolved around her relationship with her father. It’s quite possible that she would have only become a minor character and not part of Team Avatar (and thus no Korrasami, oh what a sad day that would be).

(Sorry if it sounds a little weird and I don’t make any sense, I’m really tired right now.)

Does anyone ever think about the fact that most people in the Avatar world only have one name? Like Mako, Bolin, Katara, that’s it, they have nothing else

But Korra gets to be called Avatar Korra

If she marries Asami she’ll be Avatar Korra Sato

And with her dad as chief of the Southern Water Tribe there’s a chance she could inherit that position so she’d be like Chief Avatar Korra Sato

Korra is heading into Daenerys Targaryan territory