Still on finals at school, but I think I finished the most difficult scene of the fan-animation. It should be finished in less than a month :D

(Would you like to see the storyboard? —>  )

Also, I think I don’t say this enough, but thank you all of you for your support, it means a lot to me and gives me strength to continue with these drawings. 



You’re right, Korra. It’s true, there will always be new conflicts and enemies to face. But the important thing is to learn from your enemies and better yourself over time, which you have. You’ve changed so much since you first arrived on Air Temple Island. When you first came here, you were hot-headed and a bit selfish. But you’ve matured into a thoughtful young woman who puts the needs of others before herself. The new Air Nation is a testament to that. You sacrificed everything to save them. You’re an inspiration to the world.

Does anyone ever think about the fact that most people in the Avatar world only have one name? Like Mako, Bolin, Katara, that’s it, they have nothing else

But Korra gets to be called Avatar Korra

If she marries Asami she’ll be Avatar Korra Sato

And with her dad as chief of the Southern Water Tribe there’s a chance she could inherit that position so she’d be like Chief Avatar Korra Sato

Korra is heading into Daenerys Targaryan territory