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hi, first of all i love your artwork so much!!!! second of all, i dont know when but i've read one ask/answer of yours saying how you imagine the kainora babies, and i was wondering if you could draw them please? ^^ never stop drawing!!!!

Thank you so much! ^^

This sounded like a pretty fun challenge so here you go:

That’s how I imagine them… more or less ;)


In this AU, Asami hates horror movies, specifically the one with crazed murderers and dismembered body parts.  There should be another one following this week with Asami getting revenge. But that should be late this week or early next week?

And, I have not finished my japanese assignment. OTL

I have this Red Lotus AU I really want to write about them successfully kidnapping Korra and raising her. I know there’s a story out there already called Red Lotus Korra that is similar, but that fic kind of made me go “eh?” because of how the author characterizes the characters. It was alright up until the Red Lotus shows up in Republic City. After that it got weeeeiiiiiiirrrrrd.

Mine will be vastly different from their story. I honestly felt that them being locked up for 13 years left them bitter, very bitter. I plan to make them different from their canon characterizations, but in a good way. Their ideals and goals will be the same (but Korra plans to change those a bit) and… You’ll just have to see. I just have to actually write the thing, I’m horrible about not doing so, ha.

Oh and of course the main couple will be Korrasami. Duh.