Anime North 2015: Selfie Edition

Got to drive up to TO for AN this Saturday and I had so much freaking fun! While I seemed to be the only Jinora there were so many Avatar cosplayers and everyone was so nice+sweet!! I unfortunately goofed up a bit and didn’t get tumblr’s/fb pages or anything so if anyone knows the cosplayers in these pics please let me know! Also if anyone sees or has pictures of my Jinora costume please pass them on :3 I can’t wait to wear her again at ColossalCon!

Jinora: TayDuffers [x] [x] [x


welcome to bukkitverse, a brand new minecraft server based entirely around your fandoms/communities!

how does this work?

well, bukkitverse uses factions to distinguish between fandoms. so let’s say you’re really into steven universe or gravity falls. you can join whichever faction you prefer, and participate in fandom activities. 

because of this, each fandom can have its own land region and territories, and can also ally/go to war with other fandoms. basically, everything is in your hands!

besides this, bukkitverse is mostly a survival server where you can have fun and make friends and enjoy yourself. we have a creative world for large builds you want to bring to life, and our rules are very loose. 

our IP is we hope to see you here!

Korrasami Headcanon #37

Korra and Asami fight sometimes, when Asami is lost thinking about her past and can’t understand why Korra would want someone so broken like her when she deserves someone who could love her completely and could give her the world. This breaks Korra’s heart, and she vows to let Asami know each day, that she loves all of her, even the rough parts of her, they’ve made her who she is today, and Korra loves nothing more.

To the Kuvira fandom. 

I just wanted to say how incredibly stupid of me to make a post of the trash pile. I didn’t realize how many of us were in the fandom at the time and I’m completely sorry. Majority of people I put on the photo was from a text post I made. It was not aim to be seen as only those people on the photo were in the fandom. Please ignore that post. It’s awful and offensive and I really hate myself for doing that. I cannot believe I did that. Call me bitch, a fucking awful person, whatever you want. Unfollow me, hate me.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry.  

Does anyone ever think about the fact that most people in the Avatar world only have one name? Like Mako, Bolin, Katara, that’s it, they have nothing else

But Korra gets to be called Avatar Korra

If she marries Asami she’ll be Avatar Korra Sato

And with her dad as chief of the Southern Water Tribe there’s a chance she could inherit that position so she’d be like Chief Avatar Korra Sato

Korra is heading into Daenerys Targaryan territory