Did anyone else notice that Avatar: the Legend of Korra, Tales of Zestiria and Erased had a similar way to…hint what the endgame couple is?

Nothing necessarily explicit: a meaningful gaze, the two characters alone and together. No kisses or confessions, but you don’t put two main characters together at the very end of a series looking at each other like that for nothing, right? It’s the closure of the show after all.

However, bryke had to come out and say “KORRASAMI IS CANON” for the audience to try to accept it (because many people still don’t) and a large part of the ToZ fandom is 100% sure sormik is just the “fangirls’ delusion”, that they’re just best bros willing to spend the rest of the eternity together as bff. Meanwhile, and regardless of how Airi and Satoru’s whole development was ironically erased in the new timeline, no one doubted the ending was meant to prove she was “the one” for him.

Now tell me it’s not because of heteronormativity. I dare you.

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a lovely korrasami moment, i miss these dorks 

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Ok so like in the avatar world you would think that waterbenders would be the fire fighters right? Like a bunch a of waterbenders just getting water from a lake or a river and dousing the fire. But you know what’s better? Firebender fire fighters. Just like someone’s house catches on fire and firebenders just… turn it off,,.. Just like no, the fire is done for today

  • Owari no Seraph:the OPENING shows Mika and Yuu sharing a forehead touch
  • People:just bros being bros
  • Tales of Zestiria:producer shoots down any possibility of straight romance for Sorey and calls Mikleo his "ONE and ONLY"
  • People:They are obviously brothers
  • The Legend of Korra:authors confirm Korra and Asami to be a couple by literally saying "KORRASAMI IS CANON"
  • People:but what is canon? Can we really say they are canon? We won't accept that
  • No. 6:Shion and Nezumi LITERALLY KISS TWICE
  • People:but friends can kiss, bros can kiss and keep being bros, idk that's just bromance
  • Literally every show ever:boy meets girl