So a lot of people (and I mean a lot) of people believe Asami is the light sleeper and Korra is the deep sleeper. Well… What if they are both deep sleepers, and Asami is worse than Korra? So bad in fact that she had to build a custom alarm clock that is extremely loud in order to wake her up in time for work? And the first time Korra hears it she jumps 30 feet in the air (exaggeration) and gets into a fighting stance, thinking they are being attacked. 

From that point on, Korra demands that Asami gets a normal alarm clock (Korra takes pleasure in smashing the old one to bits) as normal ones wake Korra up just fine and she would wake Asami up each morning (in various ways *Wiggles eyebrow*) in return.

I can see it.


The Legend of Korra x Gintama’ (2011) Ending 3 [Anagura]

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At the ripe age of 28 and 29 Asami and I had decided we wanted a child, we thought of adopting and were just starting to set up the nursery when Raava came to me in a dream. 

“Korra, I assumed after all this time with our worlds bonded you’d have been able to figure it out.”

“What do you mean?”

“You and Asami don’t have to adopt a child, but create one of your own… talk to the spirits Korra… find Marsella, she’s the spirit of fertility.”

The next morning I told Asami of my dream and we set out for the spirit world. We came to a large tree with pink, purple and blue vines hanging from it. We had been instructed here by a very old friend, Aye-aye Avatar Wan’s companion. He told us this is the tree Marsella is known to reside. WE wanted to ask him how to… ‘knock’, but before we could he had disappeared. 

“Hello? Marsella?” Asami called out.

“Well hello young one, or i guess just hello now, your not so young anymore, nearly 400 moons since i saw you last.”

“Pardon me?” Asami asked.

“Hunny, she’s the god of fertility she and the mother of faces made you.” I explained.

“I am a spirit young Avatar, there are no gods in our world only vein spirits like Aye-aye who consider themselves god.”

“I heard that!” Aye-aye shouted in the distance.

“I’m sorry if we’re bothering you Marsella, but we have a question for-”

“Can you help us have a child?” Asami blurted out going beat red.

Marsella chuckled lightly and smiled down at the two of us.

“Well I can however because it’s the man who causes a son to be born, if you want a child you will bare no sons, only daughters.”

“That’s fine with me I just want a baby of my- We just want a baby of our own.” Asami said enthusiastically.

“So how does this work?” I asked.

“Well I need the help of three spirits, in other words it’s a good time to be the Avatar.”

“Three?” Asami asked.

“Myself, the mother of faces and a third spirits because you’re not the usual pairing. In most cases, I’d only have to bless you with fetility and the mother of faces would make the childs appearance, however because you are of the same gender I must use a third spirits energy.”

“What does the third spirit do?” I asked.

“Because you’re the Avatar we only need you and myself today.”

“So what do I do?”

“That depends who wants to be the mother?”

“Beg your pardon?” asami questioned raising a brow.

“Well I’m the spirit of fertility, not babies. I can induce pregnancy, not create a being.”

“Is there a baby spirit?” Asami asked.

“No!” Marsella and i both said.

“Asami, you always said you couldn’t wait to get pregnant when Pema was having Rohan, Do you want to carry the baby?” I asked.

“Really? You don’t mind?”

“Of course not!” I smiled.

“Okay you have to focus on Raava’s energy, she will show you what to do.”

I let myself go and followed the actions Raava pushed me to do. I raised my arms and pulled them away from my chest. It felt as though air was being pulled from my lungs again, but different, more numbing. I watched in shock as a pale blue light was pulled from my being. I turned to Asami and began twirling my left hand in circles in front of her chest until I saw a violet light being pulled from her eyes and mouth. The lights met and mixed  into a light lavender colour before Marsella put her hands on either side of my shoulders and i pushed my arms forward and held Asami’s arms with a firm grip. Everything around us began to glow a bright lavender, and just like that the light vanished.

“So… does that mean I’m pregnant?” Asami asked dumbfounded.

“If Korra did her job right and I believe she did.”


“And nine months later Mommy gave birth to a beautiful little girl we named-”

“Raava!” Our 8 year old squealed.

“That’s right!” Asami smiled kissing Raav’s fore head.

“But Moma I had a mother and a father… so how was I born?” Hiro asked.

“Mommy I think It’s your turn to tell a story!” I said standing up from my seat and shifting Tara’s weight in my arms before leaving the room.


TLOK’s Ming Hua

because I have no idea how water works and really needed some practice (didn’t turn out too bad either)

and because I am still in love with the Red Lotus.

(also sorry about the bad quality I’ll be trying to scan it whenever I find the time)

Hope you enjoy!