Disney Princesses as Gems - Part 1
[Based off their character design and not Steven Universe designs where diamonds or stars tend to be incorporated into outfits to show their allegiance]

Click the picture to see which gem and weapon each princess has. Read more under the break why I chose the gems and weapons I did for each princess.

Also BONUS Ariel as Coral (because I couldn’t decide which I liked better):

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fairytale meme ☆ (5/10)
↳ the little mermaid

“Fascinated with the land above her head, mermaid Ariel- youngest daughter of King Triton- watches from the waves as the human prince Eric celebrates his birthday aboard a ship. When a storm capsizes the boat and throws him overboard, she rescues him, leaving him with naught but a memory of her singing before returning to the depths. so desperate to see him once again though, she trades her voice to the sea witch Ursula for legs, and goes ashore to find her true love.”

anonymous asked:

besides mdr what do french people write as internet slang? and in what context/whats its meaning?

Besides MDR, there’s PDR (pété de rire), which is the LMAO to the LOL. Basically.

Otherwise, some that I’ve seen:
- jtm: je t’aime (I love you)
- DTC: Dans Ton Cul (in your ass) which is mostly used whenever someone asks “Where…..?” The usual answer, even in spoken language is DTC. Only use it with close friends!
- CMB: Comme Ma Bite (like my dick) which is a bit like “that’s what she said” (example: “The car was huge!” and you answer “CMB”)
- tlm : Tout Le Monde (everybody)
- ama: A Mon Avis (in my opinion)
- slt: Salut (Hello/Bye)
- dsl: Désolé (sorry)
- bsr: Bonsoir (good evening)
- bjr: Bonjour (good morning/hello)

Hope this helps :)

Part of my Wooooooorld (or at least my arm). 🐚🐠

Based on one of my favourite concept art sketches of Ariel by her character designer and animator: the legendary Glen Keane. Tattoo itself by the always wonderful Gillian Turner Ink.

The ‘Tridentine’ Mass is a completely different rite of Mass than that said at most Catholic churches today. 

The Mass said in most Catholic churches today is the “Novus Ordo” (New Order) Mass which was concocted by men in the 1960’s. 

There are numerous and significant differences between the Novus Ordo Mass and the 'Tridentine’ Mass.

from: Selected Latin Mass Facts


Photo: Tridentine Mass

Link to photo: