Because it is a dead language, not understood by the people, there is an element of mystery about the Latin tongue.

The use of an unknown tongue conveys to the mind of the people that something is going on upon the altar which is beyond their comprehension, that a mystery is being enacted.

The Jews in their worship made use of the ancient Hebrew, the language of the Patriarchs.

Both the Greek Catholics and the Greek schismatic employ the old form of the Greek language form divine service.

Msgr. George J. Moorman, The Latin Mass Explained
Winter in the Rose House Chapter 4

by Valkrez

When Elsa’s arranged marriage to Kristoff, heir of Bluecastle, is abruptly ended by his death she must make a new betrothal. Fortunately for her, Bluecastle has a second heir… Anna of House Bjorn.

In this mature AU where Anna is Kristoff’s sister and the Duchy of Weselton is threatening war against Arendelle, Elsa struggles to adapt to not only being a good Queen but a good wife as well.

Rated: M - Words: 18,088 - Chapters: 4

plastic bag pt 2

There were too many people in here, as well as too many bags hanging around. She just wanted to be free! But now, she was chained up with just a simple hook going through her. 

Anna was surprised nobody had taken her yet. But that was okay! 

“How much is it?” 

“That will be 14 dollars, miss. Cash or credit?” 


Oh, that sweet voice! Too bad Anna couldn’t turn. But she was excited and anxious at the same time and– whoop! 

Feeling a hand sweeping her from the hook, Anna was able to get a good look at the owner of that voice. She couldn’t believe it! It was that blonde again! She looked just as beautiful as ever. 

Anna wished the blonde would notice her, but she didn’t mind not being noticed for now. The blonde was going to hold her! With the things she brought! Hmm… what did she buy, though… 

Anna quickly gave the items a scan, before the cashier swept them into her. 

Immediately after, Anna was free! Lifted off from the desk and only to be held by the woman! She gasped. They were holding hands, finally! 

dun dun dun 


Like… hella cute

Finally! I did The Little Mermaid AU ggungabyfish asked me during the livestream. I love it, I might do more.
I’m not sure this is what Eric thought when she saw Ariel, but I’m pretty sure this is what Elsa would have thought for sure.
Read these snippets ggungabyfish wrote in a submission in my blog.
You can almost call me the Elsanna’s AUs Queen, LOL.

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Love what you love. Find beauty in it. Every person is beautiful in their own unique way. Don’t let differing opinions or outright hate discourage you.

The world is wide and radiant. 

LADY MIDNIGHT CHALLENGE DAY 6 your favorite moment of a tmi/tid character on the book

“For Emma. This is Church, a longtime friend of the Carstairs. Take care of this cat and he will take care of you. —J.”

“Brother Zachariah left you a cat.”

“But I don’t even really know him. And he’s not a Silent Brother any more.”

“You may not know him, but he clearly knows you.”

“What do you think the J stands for?”

“His real name.”

LADY MIDNIGHT CHALLENGE DAY 2  : favourite blackthorn

“Think of what it must have been like in the Scholomance for all those years it was closed,” said Drusilla, her eyes gleaming with horror-movie delight. “All the way up in the mountains, totally abandoned and dark, full of spiders and ghosts and shadows …”